REVIEW: The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter

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So I don't tend to feature too many of The Body Shop products on my blog and yet I pretty much love everything I try from them. Thus I was excited when a lovely lady named Elly contacted me asking me if I would like to review one of the The Body Shop body moisturisers

I was sent the very summery Pink Grapefruit Body Butter which in every way screams summer. The Body Shop's most popular products could be said to be the body butters, and they are known widely for their supreme hydration and moisturising properties. The texture of this pink grapefruit body butter is reasonably thick, but compared to other body butters I have tried not so much so. This is actually really nice because as this is such a fruity, fresh scent, it's the perfect light body lotion for spring and summer (seriously, it smells like you've dunked your head in a grapefruit!). It sinks in super quickly and left my skin very soft though my eczema ridden dry patches weren't changed too much but hey, that certainly wasn't to be expected so that's all fine! 

Now the weather is ever so slightly getting itself together this is so lovely to wear morning and night as like I said it sinks in so quickly, and it has such a refreshing, zingy scent, exactly like pink grapefruit. I seriously can't get over how great the scent is. Sometimes fruity body lotions smell so horribly synthetic but this is spot on. It would be oh-so-perfect in the summer sunshine after a swim or a day at the beach.

Overall if you're looking for a body lotion that looks pretty in your bathroom (and I love re-using my body butter pots for storage, just a little tip ;) ), that sinks in quickly and has a full on summer fresh scent this would be a lovely product to pick up. I would't recommend it for very, very dry sensitive skin, but if you have normal skin to slightly dry you'll love it. My only criticism would be the 24/7 moisturising claim because I just don't think that's possible, but perhaps this is just my problematic skin talking!

If you fancy trying The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Butter for yourself click here.

What's your favourite Body Shop Body Butter fragrance?



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