Liverpool Shopping Haul

Fancy seeing what else I found in the shops of Liverpool? Follow me after the cut :).

So as some of you eager beavers will know I've been away in Liverpool for the past few days and I returned this Monday. It was a visit that was mixed with both business and pleasure. Business wise, I had two wonderful photo shoots for Beauxoxo, and pleasure because I have family that live around the Liverpool area.

I think the shopping in Liverpool is fantastic Since the arrival of Liverpool One the shopping scene seems so alive and it reminds me very much of Bristol's Cabot Circus. Liverpool has all the big name chains and for many shops such as Topshop, it boasts a fantastic four floors of pure temptation, and it would have to be my favourite Topshop out of London. 

Anyway, onto the haul! The first stop was Forever 21. Inside this stateside's answer to New Look I found some pretty anchor earrings (not online), a Cath Kidston esque polka dot and floral hair brush, black and rose detail travel make up brushes, and the most adorable bunny ring holder ever. You all know I'm madly in love with anything rabbit print so I'm sure you can all literally imagine my delight when I spotted this! Sadly I cannot find it on their website but I believe Urban Outfitters sell this too, alongside many other retailers. If you're a crazy bunny lady like myself you need it. Simples!

I then headed to Primark because since the sweetest Paige Calvert featured this beautiful bicycle cushion in a haul I fell head over heels in love with it. This is very unlike me to fall for a Primark item so much but I just think this little cushion is perfect. It's so sweet and vintagey and cost a mere £5. £5!! It definitely looks more. The mix of embroidery and lace trim makes it feel so boutiquey and I love it so much.

Then whilst in Primark I of course got sucked into more things that I totally didn't need but you know, it somehow happens! Such 'necessities' were pyjamas with an inspiring Unicorn quote, because you know the saying is so true: always be a Unicorn! I absolutely love them! I also spied a pretty pink lace effect shower puff for one whole pound coin. It's very lovely indeed.

So beauty bits and bobs. I've kind of lumped this altogether. First stop was John Lewis where I picked up the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (and also spotted Sheridan Smith in full Cilla Black get up!). This has been on my skincare wish list for so, so long so I'm really excited to try it. Next up it was a little trip to the freestanding Illamasqua store Liverpool  has. I don't own much Illamasqua because a counter is nowhere near me, so I was excited to finally pick up some things I had been wanting for a while. One thing was the eye pencil in 'Vow' because I wanted a nice nude for my waterline. The second thing I wanted to try was either the skin base or foundation. After chatting with the lovely sales assistant I went with the rich liquid foundation because the colour just matched me better (shade 115 for reference) but I'm planning to mix this with a moisturiser to make my own tinted moisturiser. 

Then it was off to my old haunt: Superdrug! I finally managed to check out the lovely Tanya Burr's lipgloss collection and it's just so incredible to see someone I have 'followed' pretty much from day one realising their dreams. I picked up the shades 'Aurora' and 'Chic'. I then got ridiculously sucked into the Carrie Underwood for Nicole OPI collection. Oh my goodness, what a collection. This deserves a post of its own!

And to round off my haul a trip to Topshop where I picked up this mint lace hem crop top and some pink crochet lace earrings which I just thought looked so elegant. Oh, just one more thing, I also picked up the stunning lace butterfly cropped cami you can see above. I got this from a shop called Boudoir Boutique, which is the most gorgeously decorated shop of all time in Liverpool's Cavern Walks (and as I purchased this little gem, two Hollyoak's cast members were in front of me. Claim to fame, eh? haha).

Phew, that's me all shopped out forever. I hope you enjoyed this post because I have never taken to blogging shopping hauls in the past so wanted to make this a little exception because as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would say, what's life without whimsy ;). 

So what have you got this bank holiday weekend? Let me know please!



  1. Those pj's are so cute.

    Claudia xxx

  2. ahh that brush & that pillow - so cute!
    I bought the unicorn PJ bottoms & a slightly different unicorn top, love them. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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