Day In The Life: A Weekend in Brighton

My Mum and I had the loveliest weekend in Brighton last weekend. Follow me after the page cut to come with us :). Just a warning, it's going to get a little photo heavy!

Last weekend my Mum and I had a little girly trip to Brighton solo from the men, basically! Brighton is a favourite place of mine, and I'll admit mostly because I adore their cute, independent array of shops. It is however, shops aside, also a really fascinating city drenched in culture and with plenty of things to do. As I said in my post from last year I don't really go to Brighton for the seaside like perhaps most would, because I live by the sea, but regardless I love visiting seaside towns because there's something very familiar for me!

The main reason for going was to take part in a spring and summer photo shoot for Beauxoxo with a regular Beauxoxo photographer Tom Simmonds. We did a photo shoot this time last year pretty much, and once again we were blessed with gorgeous, summery weather. Brighton reminds me of Bournemouth; it's normally sunny, which is of course what you want when you're photo shooting! Our model for this shoot was the sweetest Vanessa Tait and our make up artist was Nicole Taylor. Oh, and I must just give a big shout out to sweet Amy from Mod Dolly for lending the most beautiful summery pieces. I cannot wait to see the photos because we had the most gorgeous backdrops. Brighton is such a fun place for photo shooting. This collection will be up on my big new website very soon.

My Mum and I really had such a lovely mini break and it's crazy how many people were in Brighton that same weekend. Some of my closest friends and tons of bloggers. You heard it here: Brighton seems, and is THE place to be people! It's lovely for me when I can turn photo shoots into mini breaks and it's definitely a tradition I want to keep going. Sometimes travelling to and fro shoots in a day can feel rushed and chaotic, but staying the night and really enjoying some time off too is pretty much perfect.

Do I have any Brighton readers on my blog? I now have huge, huge work to do on my Brighton Shopping Guide because tons and tons needs to be updated.



  1. Those cupcakes looks so yummy!! Beautiful photos as always lovely!! xxx

  2. What's the name of the cupcake shop?😻

  3. Hi Layla! It was called Catwalk Cupcakes :) xoxo


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