Catchs Up and Cupcakes

Morning, afternoon, evening all! It's been a long ol' time hasn't it? I have missed blogging on here so much so in my usual style, I'll do a few little bullet points to sum the madness up! Feel free to grab a cupcake and a tea or something (I'll take a glorious vegan cupcake from the wonderful Angel Food Bakery in Brighton) ;).

♥ At the end of April I went to Liverpool for a few days for some photo shoots for Beauxoxo. I had two incredibly wonderful photo shoots and it was also a little holiday as I have family in the area so it was wonderful to just chill out for a few days. Well, I say chill out because I cannot switch off for the life of me! For now said collections are just for sale on my Etsy and ASOS Marketplace Boutique and this brings me onto my next point because....

♥ ....I am building a new website for Beauxoxo! I absolutely love my current selling platform for so many things (BigCartel, in case you were wondering!) but I am now making the big move to Shopify. I am so excited about this move because it will make my e-commerce sales much more stronger, due to the fact Shopify just has endless features and amazingness. The move however is a little tricky, mainly because I have to protect my data and links, but once this is all done I should be live in just a few weeks. I'll have a big online par-tay, don't you worry!

♥ When I came back from Liverpool I then went to a little overnight course in Sherbourne in relation to expanding Beauxoxo globally. I am working with a government scheme so enable me to sell more easily to countries such as Japan, as you all know I am in love with Japanese style and fashion, but of course due to language and cultural differences it's great to be apart of this program. Hopefully I'll be able to go into more depth on this soon.

♥ I had a super lovely weekend photo shooting in Brighton this weekend. My Mum and I went away together and we had a wonderful time of shopping and just general Brighton fun. I have a little blog post in the works for this, and I need to update my Brighton Shopping Guide.

♥ I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my business lately, and how it is structured, and how it works, and I have come to the conclusion that my business that once started in my bedroom has now outgrown my conservatory 'studio' and I am excitedly looking into getting a little office that will become Beauxoxo HQ. This equally excitedly means: CRAFTING ROOM!! Oh my goodness I cannot WAIT. This has been my dream since a little girl, truly. If it all goes ahead I'll of course document my journey and show you all how I decorate my little studio. I also plan to build a mini set to do videos more often too.

♥ And fiiiinally my lovelies the main reason I haven't blogged much this month is because I lost my USB charger. I'm pretty sure it has literally got lost amongst my travels so a new one arrived this week so I've got a lot, a lot of catch up posts and I can't wait to get stuck back in!

Phew, so that's me! What about you? I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying this gloriously sunny weather we are finally having.

Speak very soon :).



  1. Vegan cupcakes is so delishhh!
    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you so much Mitch! They were the best :) xoxo


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