REVIEW: Hairy Jayne Handmade Hair Care Floral Hair Perfume with Heat Protection

For a long time now I've been searching for a lovely, natural hair perfume. Dissatisfied with the range on the high street I decided to scour Etsy and Not On The High Street. I was trying to hone in on anything with vanilla (because regular readers will know I am a vanilla fiend!) and was delighted to stumble across the Hairy Jayne range of handmade hair care range. Perfect even more so, because I love nothing more than supporting indie brands like myself as well.

As you may have guessed Hairy Jayne hair care is handmade is created by a lady named Jayne, a hairdresser who brews her own range of products with her own fair hands at a studio in Brixton, in south London. Jayne's handmade hair care range is inspired by traditional hair care remedies used worldwide, and her range is made from naturally derived ingredients which are specifically hair friendly and get the best results. Moreover, her range is brimming with goodness and as they should be, all of the products are free from artificial colours, parabens and sulfates (SLS). But what makes Jayne's range so unique is their stunning scents, which are fragranced with a beautiful blend of essential oils, and smell like some of the finest perfumes you could imagine.

To compliment Jayne's natural approach to hair care, the design of the bottles is also carefully thought out and delivered with care. Thus, the products are housed elegantly labelled and packaged in easily recyclable materials such as this glass bottle. This makes Hairy Jayne products the ultimate in dressing table chic! Granted, perhaps not so travel friendly but once you see it proudly displayed on your vanity you'll want to protect it's loveliness, trust me. I just adore the branding used.

I picked up Jayne's hair perfume in the 'Floral' scent which contains fragrance notes of Geranium, Bergamot and Vanilla. If that's not your thing you can also purchase this in 'Citrus' (Grapefruit, May Chang and Jasmine) or 'Musk' (Neroli, Vetiver and Patchouli). I'm not sure how the other two scents smell but the floral one is so beautiful. It's a very heady floral, for a moment imagine floating through an English country garden and you'll get the general idea. The vanilla doesn't come across too strongly under my nose but it's absolutely THE scent your hair will love this spring. The waft of fresh flowers from your hair will be charming to all, and I think it's a really universal scent.

However not content with just merely perfuming your tresses, this spray freshens hair up between shampoos and it contains anti-frizz ingredient that also adds shine, controls fly-ways, restores a smooth feel and protects hair from the damaging heat of styling tools. Phew, what a multi-tasking little spray! And all beautifully natural too, it's truly unique. You can also use it on dry or wet hair. I have used it on both with great results but I must admit, having a hair perfume in my life is kind of addicting, I just want to always spritz it on, but it does last a long time scent wise so that's great too.

The Hairy Jayne handmade hair perfume with heat protection can be purchased right here for just £9 which I think is great value for a handcrafted beauty item. If you're not sure scent wise pick up Jayne's perfume gift set. Jayne also sells shampoos, conditioners and treatment oils and I cannot wait to try them. Go visit Hairy Jayne's world here.

How many of you use a hair perfume? Let me know!


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  1. What a gorgeous product! Sweet smelling hair :)



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