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Ready to dive into the wonderful, fun, beautiful world of Lou Teasdale? A place where blue lipstick and rainbow hair is the norm? Thought so, so I'll see you after the cut then :)

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Before I dive into this review can we just appreciate the little gif for a second?! I made it for this post because the book I am about to review is written one cool lady indeed, and you know, gifs are seriously cool, aren't they?

You see, this book in a nutshell is just that: cool. There are so very many beauty books out there; some that hold your hand and walk you through the abc of make up and hair, some that inspire you to try new looks and styles, and some that inspire you even further, to push the boundaries on what we consider the norm in the beauty world. This book is definitely a case of the latter two, and that's possibly because it's written by one of the most unique and in demand beauty and hairstylists of the moment Lou Teasdale. A quick google of Lou's name will bring up a string of photos with a certain One Direction, (not sure if you will have heard of them? They've kind of taken over the world) and that's because Lou is their official make up and hair stylist. She's the very envy of One Directioners all around the world, but she has equally secured them too as fans, and in fact you could argue that Lou Teasdale is something of a celebrity herself. With a huge 1.4 million Twitter followers, a super popular Tumblr and over a million followers on Instragram too, Lou is one popular, and super famous stylist!

With her superstar following a book seemed the perfect idea, and so 'The Craft' was born whilst Lou had been away on tour. 'The Craft', whose title is inspired by the 1996 film film of the same name, is split into six sections such as make-up, hair, tattoos, nails, and a great careers chapter on how to break into the beauty industry (the more 'serious' side of the book with really useful advice and illustrates how hard Lou has worked). ‘The Craft’s' tone is young, fresh and fun and aesthetically it's absolute perfection to me, because the Faran Krentcil illustrations are so very me (eeee you can see the bunnies above, right? I know, so me!) and it's just so colourful and fun to read. I would sum up the overall layout as a little combination of the coolest fashion magazines, like an issue of Company magazine, a J-17 issue (hands up who remembers this!) and a Teen Vogue spread mixed with a whole lot of Tumblr and a general lot cool. The content equally fits in perfectly with the overall aesthetic, with make up looks showing you how to customise false lashes, how to work with glitter and how to create a smudgy, greasy eye look rather than your bog standard smokey eye. Similarly, hair styles include guides on how to get perfect rainbow hair, how to grunge your do, and how to get a sexy, funky non-bridesmadidy up-do.

From cover to cover it's such a joy to read, and there's constantly something on the page to fight for your attention whether it's a fluorescent eyeliner look, cute doodle hearts on the page, and of course the fun tutorials. Style-wise there's a total 90s throwback going on here. However equally this book is extremely current too, fulfilling the needs of Tumblr fans who love to spend many an hour re-blogging images of my Little Pony Hair esque tresses (that's me then!), but most importantly, it also serves perfectly as a homage to Lou's personal style and quirkiness. This book is therefore essentially a timeless little personal scrapbook that will never ever date. That's because 'The Craft' ventures away from classic beauty looks (spider lashes are in, okay?) and encourages girls to be creative with their hair and make-up. Hence the craft, and I always say make up, and beauty overall is art. This book is just another example of this. So whatever your age, whether you're a tween, teen, in your twenties or beyond, you're going to find something to love within 'The Craft', so as long as you love having fun with beauty that is!

Overall, if you love Lime Crime, Sugarpill Cosmetics, Henry Holland, Meadham Kirchoff, Wah Nails and similar, and if you're the kind of girl like myself who finds themselves spending a good half hour flicking through the books in Urban Outfitters, then you're going to absolutely love this. I absolutely love this book. And whilst reading it, I was constantly reminded of a Cecil Beaton quote:  "Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary." This is everything 'The Craft' embodies. I so admire Lou Teasdale. She has worked so extremely hard to get where she is and she's such an inspiration to me.

Would you like a copy of 'The Craft' yourself? Grab a copy from Amazon for just £9.99. Do any of you own this book? What do you think?


PS: I think I have an obsession to making gifs, so umm, if you see me using them excessively please tell me nicely to stop. You'll be doing me a favour trust me ;). But, I can use them sometimes though, yeah? Thanks ;).


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