Day In The Life: Beauxoxo Behind The Scenes Spring/Summer 2014 Photo Shoot in Bournemouth

I recently had another fabulous photo shoot for my Beauxoxo spring and summer collection and you know what? I want you to come with me behind the scenes. I'll see you after the cut :)

Last Friday it was the most perfectly sunny spring day in my hometown, Bournemouth, and I had another fabulous spring and summer photo shoot for Beauxoxo. I adore doing photo shoots in Bournemouth firstly of course because it's my home but secondly because for just a town the choices of locations are endless. From rainbow beach huts, to stunning sea views, to award winning parks, Bournemouth has it all. For this collection of floral beauties, featuring my
bow headbandshair bowswire headbands and head chains, Bournemouth park was perfect. The park twists and winds its way to the infamous sandy beaches and when it's in full bloom in spring it's simply beautiful.

I cannot wait to show you all this look book when it is released on my brand-new website. I hope you love it as much as I do! My little team Kaja, Laura and Naomi are truly such a joy it never, ever feels like work when we're together. They are an absolute dream team.

And because I want you to feel like you were there I made a little vloggy video above. What do you think? I cannot believe I have done videos two days on the run. Woah, yeah I know! I-movie is blimmin fantastic, honestly, it takes little to not time to edit and upload to Youtube. I'm overwhelmed. I can definitely see myself making videos very, very frequently if you all so wish!

♥ Photoshoot credits:

- Photographer: Kaja Jangaard
- Model: Laura Jane
- Make Up & Hair: Naomi Lake
- (Also just wanted to give a shout out to the lovely soundtrack for the video. It is by the very wonderful Shannon Thomas who has so kindly given me permission to use her music in her videos. This song is called 'More Than Meets The Eyes'. Click right here to download Shannon's music. She's amazing.).

More Beauxoxo fun:

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♥ INSTAGRAM: beauxoxo1

I cannot wait to release the whole look book when the images are ready. You will all be the first to know, promise :). I hope you're all having a lovely Easter Monday.



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