Day In The Life: My Easter Weekend

So today is officially the end of Easter, sob. I truly love Easter, it's personally my favourite time of year. My family and I make quite a special thing of Easter day with a huge roast meal with lots of eastery sweet treats. We then have little cracker easter presents and give gifts. I received THIS gorgeous Daisy bag from Accessorize that is doing the blogger rounds and I simply adore it. So perfect for days out and mini breaks.

Being dairy free Easter can however be a rather tempting time, but thankfully there are so very many dairy free easter treats on the market and I got this Choices Easter Egg this year.

I thought I'd include a few photos here and after the cut from my day. Do you do anything at Easter? If so, and you have a blog post, I'd love to see! 

I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend :)


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