Spring Is Coming

It’s just rolled past 10pm on a Saturday night and I’m having a day that can only be described as a little early pre-spring clean. I’ve been tidying, editing, clearing up and generally sorting myself out. When March turns up, it immediately makes me want to kick start some of that New Year optimism again as I’m mostly definitely a Spring girl. I love blossom, I live for the longer daylight hours, I adore everything in pastel hues, pretty spring dresses, and Easter is one of my favourite times of year. I just have a full on love for spring, basically!

As many bloggers will I’m sure understand, autumn and winter are hard months for blogging. The fact many us of wake and return to darkness leaves little to no time to take photos for our blogs and you really, really have to organise yourself to get everything taken in that one window of opportunity. Well, sadly, organising is lacking in my nature so I am so excited to make the most of everything this spring!

I’m not entirely sure what I wanted to say in this post I was just so excited for March to be here I just wanted to blog about my excitement and joy! Also, a photo of blossom always makes me smile! Tomorrow I’m going to sit down with my blogger planner and really schedule my little heart out. I unfortunately have not come any further with a new laptop so videos are still difficult at the moment. It’s really annoying that my laptop decides to crash out just as I am a) planning a new website for Beauxoxo and b) launching my children’s hair accessory line this year, plus a million and billion other things. Gah!

But in other news I am enjoying planning lots and lots of photo shoots for Beauxoxo and I hope to have lots and lots planned for March, April and May. I have so many strange photo shoot themes in my mind from Marie Antoinette, to sweet shops and Laduree!

And my final little update is that I am currently taking a business course. Oooh get me eh? haha. But oh goodness it was SO needed. It came to a point where I needed to know if what I was doing is correct, and to just become better at being an entrepreneur. It’s sadly not enough sometimes to just want to create things, you have to know how everything in a business works and I definitely see the bigger picture now. I feel infinitely more confident as a business owner and also personally, and it’s definitely one of the best decisions I have made. I do it all online which is amazing, so you know, should I wish I could sit in my PJs and learn to be all business like!

Somehow this post ended up being a little update post but I don’t think I’ve really done that in a while so it’s lovely to just type and not have a planned idea of what I want to say. So I’ll leave this post by asking if you’re excited for spring like I am? What’s your favourite thing about the next season? Or maybe you don’t like spring? Let me know, I love to hear from you all. ♥


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