Making the most of your week with daily rituals

You have 24 precious hours every single day and as I get older, I really feel the necessity to not waste time and make the most of every hour, as corny as this sounds, I know! Figuring out how to to this as we’re coming into a new season will definitely, I think, make us happier in the long term. I increasingly learn each day that’s it’s not about how hard you work sometimes but how smart you work. We can all say how busy we are, but I just know I’m not the only one who stresses out over everything there is to do, without quite frankly, just getting on with it!

This post is truly inspired by the wonderful Leonie Dawson. If you’re not sure who Leonie is, she’s an incredible lady who is a self help author and artist who has also evolved into an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Australia. She has coached tens of thousands of women to create their own incredible lives and businesses including crystal healers, celebrities, coaches, best-selling authors, award-winning singers, fitness experts, yoga teachers and multiple-six-figure entrepreneurs. I have one of Leonie’s planners and in it there is a page called ‘ritual day’ and the idea really motivated and inspired me.

And so, here’s how I see my new week planning out:

Monday: It’s the week day that everyone dreads but there’s actually something very motivating about Mondays. Every Monday I post a little inspiring quote to my Facebook page and I find it really spurs me on to achieve all I want to that week. The lovely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter also had her 'Motivational Monday' series which is absolutely worth reading if you haven’t. But I do think Mondays are great if you want to revamp your life in some way. Studies have shown that time and time again people are more likely to succeed at achieving their goals if they start them on a Monday. It’s kind of like a new start. I aim from now on to sit down each Monday morning and write down what I want to achieve that day. So now leaping to my laptop and printing off things, writing emails or anything like that; just 5 minutes or so to organise my thoughts before I kick start my day.

Tuesday: According to The Express, Tuesdays are one of the most productive days of the week for many. So on Tuesdays I want to start tackling the majority of the little things on my weekly to-do-list and get major satisfaction from ticking them all off. For bigger tasks, Tuesdays will also become a day to focus and not get too overwhelmed. I’m a great one for picking a single project and finishing it but that’s only because I cannot multi-task to save my life (I’m probably the only girl in the world that can’t, I know!). Leonie Dawson suggests Tuesdays to be ‘Creative Tuesdays’ and I do really like that idea of dreaming up all my big ideas on this day, and making sense of them all.

Wednesday: I think for many Wednesdays may be seen as their worst day! It is apparently however one of the most receptive days and one best for requests. It has also been hinted as a good day for a pay rise! This is because Mondays are all about catching up, and Thursday and Friday slow down for the weekend. I think Wednesdays are a really good day to re-connect with the goals you set yourself on Sunday or Monday morning. I want to get up at 6am on Wednesdays instead of my usual 6.20am ish (don’t ask me why I don’t just make it 6.30am!) and see what I can do with an extra 20 minutes in my day. Leonie Dawson suggest ‘get-to-bed early Wednesdays’ and I so, so want to do this. I go to bed really late…midnight most nights despite getting up early (ekk!), but if I can get to bed at 10.30pm or even 11pm I will be so proud of myself!

Thursday: Leonie Dawson calls Thursdays ‘spa Thursdays', a day to truly pamper yourself and look after you. I really love this idea. Even if it’s something as simple as painting your nails, using your favourite face mask and other beauty products we save for those special occasions, well basically Thursday could be that day to have your own beautifying time. Either that or simply sit down with your favourite magazine, open a new book, take a long bath, text a friend you haven’t spoken to in forever. Just things like that really.

Friday: Hurrah, Friday is here, TGIF! You may that Friday feeling and excitement about the weekend but Friday to me is going to be my reflection day. Leonie Dawson calls Friday a ‘healing day’. Friday is a day about celebrating the end of the week and reflection. I’m going to make a note at the end of Fridays about what I achieved and what I need to work on. So, I’ll be looking back at my goals set at the weekend and on a Monday morning and seeing if I achieved them all. Other than that, celebrate, have fun it’s Friday!

Saturday: Leonie Dawson labels Saturdays a day for ‘adventures’ and I couldn’t agree more! I want to be more spontaneous on Saturdays. I want to do more road trips to new places and to just treat it as a day to be free from the normal week days. It’s lovely to catch up with friends and family too. I also want to do a bit more Pilates on Saturdays as I love it but only do my regular class and that’s it. Saturday is a day however that many do work, and for me, I started working in retail from about 16 so it’s ridiculously weird to me even now to see Saturday as a day off. I kind of do still work on Saturdays because I catch up on Beauxoxo work shamefully because I’m a bit of a workaholic, but I desperately need to change things on a Saturday.

Sundays: I adore Sunday mornings. I so need my Sunday lie-in and love making a lovely big bowl of porridge and just recovering the week that has been. Sunday evenings however, I don’t like much. Once Sunday lunchtime comes around to me the day just goes and suddenly 9pm rolls around and lately, once I’ve watched Mr Selfridge (which I adore!) I’m left feeling disappointed I haven’t achieved as much as I would have liked to. But what I realise Sunday after Sunday as health wise, they are not my best. I take medication on a Sunday that leaves me very weak and nauseous which I constantly stupidly try to battle against and enough is enough. I’m totally setting this in stone, err, I mean, on the internet that I will fully chill out on Sundays. Leonie Dawson names this, ‘switch off Sundays' and I need so desperately to make this a thing. I need to accept my limitations and find peaceful, chilled out activities I can. I’m not great at truly relaxing, I have a busy mind, but the little things really add up. For example, sorting old magazines, scrapbooking inspiration, crafting for my blog; these are all peaceful activities that I don’t need a computer screen for! If unlike me you don’t need to fully switch off, have a peaceful morning and then at say 2pm, start planning for next week. Come Monday, you’ll be glad!

So, those were my 7 days with my goals beside each. I am so determined to make this stick. I highly encourage you all to do the same and create your own ritual days. But what does your perfect week look like? Let me know below or make your own ritual days post and link it back to me so we can all do this together!



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