I Need Your Help and Wisdom....

Good evening/morning/afternoon wherever you are in the world. Today I really need you, yes you, reading this right now to help me out. As you all know my little dream of having my children's hair accessory line is slowly becoming a reality and all that is stopping me now is the name. Once I have that sorted it's full-steam ahead getting a website built and getting the brand out there to you all. I am so excited now!

To help me out I need literally 30 seconds of your time to head to my Facebook poll and pick a name for the brand. Simply click right here to be led to the poll. The options are currently: Little Beauxoxo, Beauxoxo Girl, Mini Beauxoxo and an other option, although if you pick other I'd love to know what your thoughts are so don't forget to let me know. You can tweet me (@Beauxoxo), leave a comment here, or on my Facebook page.

Thank you all so, so much! <3 .="" p="">


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