Favourites: March 2014

Can you believe we are finishing March? I mean, crazy times, doesn't January just feel like yesterday? But to be honest I am SO happy Spring is now here. I do love autumn and winter but I'm so ready to embrace this new season. But before we dive into Spring and all the loveliness that follows, I'm going to round up March showing you some of my current favourite things.
1. LUCKY Magazine

In general magazines are one of my favourite things. I'm so old-school; whereas everyone grabs their ipads, Kindles etc to read I much prefer a glossy magazine. I don't buy nearly as many magazines as I used to do, because boy they do add up, but when I pop to London for a photo shoot or something else, I always head straight to the Selfridge's magazine section and stock up on tons and tons of international titles. I am currently loving Lucky. 
2. MAC Blue Brown Pigment

Pigments are a make up item sadly neglected in my collection, but lately I've been making an effort to use them more. Ages ago I started to buy MAC pigment samples because they last for such a long time I didn't want a whole pot, and my loveliest friend Kirsty gave me a lot more before she went to Canada. The pigment I am currently adoring is 'Blue Brown', and to be honest, it's partly inspired by the gorgeous Shannon (more on her later). It is exactly what it says on the tin: a blue, brown. It really is the most unique shade I know. I love wearing it as part of a smokey eye or using wet a liner brush for a gorgeous, simple look. If you have dark blue eyes like me this will make them truly stand out! If you need a bit more inspiration keep reading to the end of the post for a tutorial. For those interested in buying pigment samples from MAC online, do be careful, however this website seems pretty good. 
3. MAC Launch Away Blusher

I feel like lately my favourite posts have been a bit lacking on the make up front because I'm simply not buying much lately, to be honest! Instead, I'm still enjoying really using my collection which I talked about here a bit, and nowadays I'm happy having less make up but really using it too. This blusher was shamefully abandoned but it's been getting so much use lately. It's a pretty pale blusher, in fact for many it's going to be way too pale but for my snow white fair skin it gives the skin a pretty glow and is fantastic to use day-to-day. 
4. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly

I've rather hopped onto the Nars obsession lately. I am fortunate enough to have a Nars counter at my local Space NK so I am very slowly building up my collection! I decided to try out their radiant creamy concealer as I have read so many reviews and the shade 'Chantilly' is actually pretty perfect for me, and you all know I am looking for the perfect pale skin foundations and concealers. After using it for most of March I must admit this is a very nice concealer. Whilst I do love my Collection Lasting Perfection (I mean come on, who doesn't?!) this feels so much more hydrating under the eye area, which, to be honest is only area I use concealer currently.
5. Topshop 'Pillow Talk' Lipstick

I have loved rocking deep red and berry shades in autumn and winter but now spring is here it's time to embrace softer lips and lately I've eased myself in with this very pretty soft pink from Topshop. You all know I adore Topshop make up and this lipstick is totally pink perfection. Think sixties mod girl!
6. REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk

When it comes to my morning skincare I simply want a cleanser to make my skin feel refreshed, but retain some moisture in my skin. This is so, so, so, so perfect. I am madly in love with this cleanser. It is so gentle, doesn't leave my skin all red and irritated and oh, I just love it. If you're a fellow sensitive skin soul, do try this out.
7. Lulubelle's Cakes Violet Creme Cupcake

I really, reeeeally shouldn't consume cupcakes but sometimes I cannot resist the temptation, especially this limited edition violet cupcake from Lulubelle's. It tastes just like parma violets and was a total highlight in March, I'm not even going to lie right now. I need to make a dairy free variety!

8. Mac Book Pro 13"

So for literally a year and a bit now I have discussed at length on my blog about my poorly laptop (sorry!). It just wasn't very well and yet because I knew I wanted something more robust, I kept it going as long as possible so I could save up for a Macbook. A year later and I am here, hurrah! It's simply wonderful and I totally, totally get the fuss that surrounds them. I'm so excited at the creative possibilities I now have; especially when it comes to videos and blogging. The whole process of keeping a broken laptop and saving to my hearts content has also proved that good things are always worth waiting for!

I think I'm going to start to include a blogger or Youtuber I am loving in my favourites posts. I might do a post every so often like I did a little while ago because so many beauty and fashion bloggers deserve shouting about. Today, I want to give a huge big shout out to the gorgeous Shannon, the lovely face behind Shaaanxo, New Zealand's top Youtuber. I simply think Shannon is amazing. Her make up skills are of course insane (above a why you need MAC's Blue Brown pigment!), but also, the way she runs her channel is so inspirational to future Youtubers and if you needed a case-study how to really make a go of Youtube, you must check Shannon out. 

Shannon updates 3 times a week and even once a week now on her vlog channel. She's so, so regular and on top of her videos I don't know how she does it! I mean, I find a video a month ridiculously challenging!!  On top of her videos she runs a brush company called XO Beauty, making make up brushes afforadable for Aussie and New Zealand girls. Definitely go and check out Shannon's main channel here, and Shannon's Vlog channel here. I'm so, so obsessed with the Aussie and New Zealand beauty girls, and it makes me want to visit even more now. Badly!

10. Michelle Branch

It wouldn't be a Georgie favourites post without ending on a musical note, so this month I've included a track by Michelle Branch. Now, 90s and 2000s kids, you may remember her huge debut single 'Everywhere', but she has so, so many wonderful songs I fear just not enough people know about. To me Michelle is one of the most under-rated female singer songwriters out there. She is such a talented, authentic musician, who has always stayed true to her style of music and to her fans, and her music is so timeless. I just adore her. Please, please go and listen to her music on Youtube and itunes and support her artistry. She's one in a million.

So March is gone, let's say hai to April. Before we do, what have you loved this month? Let me know below please!



  1. I do prefer "real" magazines too eheh! The MAC blush is beautiful Georgie, that collection was one of the bests that MAC ever released! xxx

  2. The Nars concealer seems amazing !
    I absolutely love the topshop lipstick, it looks like spring in pink shade haha ! x


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