Day In The Life: My Youtube Channel Trailer

So I've had a Youtube channel for about 4 years now I think but I have never created a little channel trailer. I wanted to do this now to show you all a little a bit about my surroundings that inspire my creativity both in terms of content for my DIY tutorials, and for Beauxoxo.

I really hope you like it. Huge apologies for the shaky camera, I'm not a pro at this whole filming thing! I just wanted to add that tomorrow I finally pick up my new laptop, hurrah, hurrah! As some of you know I have been working with a clapped out laptop now for well over a year. I am however glad I persevered as I can now pick up a Mac Book Pro as suggested by so many of you as this is what I have been saving for. It is so exciting to think soon I can get more videos and more content online. I really cannot wait!

Have any of you created a Youtube trailer for your channel? If you have, please share it below :)



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