Day In The Life: A Mother's Day, Spring Weekend

poole dorsetpoole harbour
twin sails bridge poole dorset
Keep reading to see more of my weekend with me :)

twin sails wharf restaurant
chocolate fondant
mother's day cake
mother's day chocolates
punky pins swan necklace
 It feels like a long time ago since I did a 'Day In The Life' post so I thought I'd just share a few photos from my weekend. This weekend truly has flown by, but then, doesn't that always seem the case?

Yesterday we went for an early Mother's Day meal at the Twin Sails Wharf Restaurant in Poole, Dorset, which overlooks the newly built Twin Sails Bridge and Poole Harbour. I had a gorgeous mackerel meal but when it is presented like the above it always makes me freak out! Tell me I'm not alone in this?! I then had to snap my Mum's chocolate dessert because the presentation was so beautiful.

Then of course today was Mother's Day itself, so we all had a big roast dinner and then my Mum and Nana opened their presents. I got my Mum this gorgeous swan necklace from Punky Pins because she has said for so long now how much she wanted a swan necklace, so imagine my delight to find this!

So a lovely quiet, but family time weekend was had, and now I'm feeling refreshed and ready for the new week. I am so happy the clocks have gone forward because I'm currently typing away at ten to 7 and it's still blissfully sunny and it means I can get so much more blogging done now so I can't wait!

I hope you all had a really lovely weekend. Let me know what you got up to below!


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  1. It wasn't mothers day in Australia and I had a moment of panic when I read the title haha
    This looks like such a lovely way to spent the day.
    And you're right! whole fish is a bit off putting!
    You got your mum beautiful presents :)


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