REVIEW: Seventeen SUPERlash Mascara

Does the super amazing packaging match up to an amazing mascara? Join me after the page cut to find out :)

A few weeks ago I excitedly instragrammed a photo of the most amazing display for Seventeen's new mascara release: SUPERlash. This mascara literally kapow-ed its way into Boots with a humongous mascara display and a kick-ass pop-art-notice me packaging which let me just express straight up how much I absolutely LOVE! And yes, I did absolutely get this mascara just because of the packaging. I am indeed that kind of girl when it comes to make up packaging, I'm afraid! Having said this, I do really, really rate Seventeen mascaras, in fact Doll'd Up is probably now ranked as my number one mascara of all time so I did have high hopes for this.

SUPERlash mascara is described by Seventeen as containing hollow shaped micro fibres which adhere much better to lashes, giving extended length, and yet at the same time these fibres are lightweight with a feather like texture so the eyelashes do not feel too heavy or weighed down when the mascara is applied.
Furthermore, the open structure of the fibre brush (I'm lost here too!) enables the mascara to be loaded easily and the the evenly spaced fibres of the brush allow perfect separation and definition, by grabbing the lashes from root to tip, resulting in a super volumising effect.

Overall the promise is to have lashes that wow, kapow! But did it wow me? Well not exactly at first, in fact, with just two days of opening this it went horribly dry and I had to clean it with a bit of make up remover because it all got stuck to the outside and wasn't a joy to use at this stage. Then when applied it I got an eyelash stuck in my eye (we've all been there I know!) which to me is always a sign a mascara is too dry!! After this little unpleasant moment I was ready to write it off but I persevered the next day and I have now been using it for a full week and I've kind of done a 360 and kind of love it! Basically, I realised that this wasn't like Seventeen's Doll'd Up, which I find airy light, because of the fibres in this you need to be a bit more patient. So now, I apply a light layer, then apply my blusher and lip make up and then I come back and add another coat and wow, okay, now I truly am wowed! The fibres really make an impact and give you very thick full lashes and believe it or not I picked up the brown/black shade but the colour pay off is very impressive.

As you can see it's also a nice small brush which I was really pleased about because I imagined it to be a super big brush, as suggested by the title of the mascara. This means that it is a lot easier to work with. As I previously said, the packaging to me, as a huge Pop Art fan is simply amazing, however I totally get for some it may not be your thing! I would highly recommend picking this mascara up if you love Benefit They're Real, or Lancome Hypnose, or any mascara built around the fibre thing. Just be careful to apply the lid tightly back on after use and add coats lightly one by one for the best effect.

When mascaras are first released at brands such as Seventeen they often offer an introductory price to suck you in, and also make it further tempting with a freebie thrown in too for parting with your cash so I also got the SuperLASH liner for free too. Now for £4.99 for a new mascara and a liner, well, you can't go too wrong there. I have yet to try this, but I will report back, I'm liking the brush so we shall see. Overall, a great value for money mascara and much better than ones I paid 4x more on. I would absolutely purchase it again, but for me Doll'd Up is still my favourite mascara.

Did any of you pick SUPERlash up? Are you a Seventeen make up fan like myself?



  1. I got sucked into this deal too, but am yet to try the Mascara. I'm just such a sucker for new products, especially Mascaras! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

    1. I'd love to know what you think Hannah! The new Seventeen deals are always so tempting :) xoxo


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