REVIEW: Craft, Show & Tell: How to build your craft business at home, online and in the marketplace by Torie Jayne

There's nothing I love more than a good old mooch around the Hobby Craft book section and because I'm such a regular visitor to Hobby Craft (hey, crafting is my job, I can just about get away with the obsession...just!) I always notice if there's something new and to my delight I spotted a book by Torie Jayne called 'Craft, Show & Tell'. Torie happens to run one of my favourite ever craft blogs so I just knew this book would be a must-have purchase.

'Craft Show & Sell' is really a lovely, beautifully written and styled book aimed at the general lover of crafts to those thinking, and wanting, to take their craft passion dreams to the next level. With a truly gorgeous, Cath Kidston esque vintage, light airy visual style, 'Craft Show & Tell' guides you with advice and vision that today's crafters need to take their brand or business forward or into reality. So many craft books currently on the market, especially those aimed at running a craft business, tend to focus on the business nitty-gritty but in this book you can also step into the workspaces, shops and online personalities in a way I have never really seen coming altogether in a book before, and thus it is a really unique project set up by Torie.

I just love how you can get totally lost and inspired by looking through-the-keyhole of fellow crafters with seemingly endless tips and ideas about how to create your perfect craft room. There are truly the most ingenious ideas packed in here I don't want to reveal them here, but if you get this book I want you to be as wowed as I was. This chapter of the book was definitely my favourite because I currently work in my conservatory and this makes me so excited to one-day build the craft room of my dreams. This chapter has given me so, so many ideas. To be honest, many of these ideas could be carried into a variety of rooms in your home so if you're a lover of organisational ideas and decor you will be fascinated by this too.

'Craft, Show & Tell' then moves on from the craft room to top tips on how to merchandise and sell your creations online, at craft fairs, markets, in shops, at pop-up events or at exhibitions. As a full time crafter at Beauxoxo I am naturally fascinated with any books that discuss business advice, in fact, I'm a huge lover of simply learning and learning, which is why I think I have always hesitated posting business advice; though it is highly requested. I just don't ever want to become too complacent because there is always so much to learn about running your own business, so much, and whilst I actually did know most of the things in this chapter I also learnt lots of little things which I always find actually can often get overlooked. There is also a lovely bit about blogging which again is always so useful to read about with different perspectives and viewpoints.

Giving true credibility to this book, 'Craft, Show & Tell' features a great variety of real life case studies where the reader can gain an invaluable insight into each stage of running your crafting job, from the people who have been there and done it. Additionally, there is a lovely sprinkling of step-by-step tutorials for those like myself that love craft books with things at the end of reading you can actually make!

Overall I truly couldn't tell you all how much I love this book it's definitely one of the best I have read and definitely sits proudly on my bookshelf. There are truly some wonderful craft business books out there that I love too, but if you're after something that really explores nearly everything, alongside tutorials and you love to get truly inspired and lost by the prettiness of a book, you must get this. But on the flip side, I see this being perfect for the beginner but if you're a true, true pro, maybe, just maybe, some bits will not be as relevant. I purchased this book on Wednesday or maybe it was Tuesday, and strangely enough I believe it literally came out the day I got it, but whatever the day was this week, I have looked at it every chance I can get and I truly get lost in the beauty on each page every time. Congratulations to Torie and to all involved, I only wish I could have joined up because it's just so special!

'Craft, Show & Tell' retails for £12.99 and I purchased my copy from Hobby Craft but it can also be found on Amazon here.



  1. Hi Georgie, Thank you for your lovely review of my book, I am so happy that you liked it, I can't stop smiling!
    Best Wishes

    1. Hi Torie!

      Aww I am so, so happy you liked my review and so many congratulations for producing such a lovely book xoxo


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