Favourites: Feburary 2014

February is always over in a flash so I struggled a little to not repeat myself this month but I have of course as always found 10 things I am absolutely loving right now. When you've finished reading this post, be sure to link me to your current favourites, or just write them below. I love reading what others love too :).
1. The Balm 'Shady Lady' Eyeshadow in Luscious Lani

I have an ever growing The Balm wishlist going on and to start my collection I picked up one of their mineral eye shadows from Ebay because the packaging had a pin-up style redhead and you know, I'm a sucker for packaging! Anyway, this order unfortunately had a few mix ups I wasn't even aware of, and they so sweetly sent me this beautiful eye shadow called 'Luscious Lani'. It's a truly perfect everyday shade which reminds me slightly of Stila's 'Kitten' eye shadow with a buttery texture I adore. It's ridiculously easy to wear and I love it. Find out more on The Balm's website here
2. Topshop Gloss Ink in 'Sugar Rush'

I am trying to be so good with make up spending at the moment but after a little lipgloss pre-spring clean it was time to discard a few where I was scrapping around the edge and treat myself to something new. I'm a huge, huge Topshop make up fan, like seriously obsessed in fact, and so I wanted to try Topshop's lipglosses out. This is a very, very thick gloss, and not light pink at all as Topshop claim it is, it is really quite pigmented. It's quite sticky and full on but it doesn't dry my lips out and it leaves them so full and shiny I can literally throw on mascara and this on a need-to-get-ready-in-30-seconds-day and it looks gorgeous!
3. Topshop Eye Gleam in Bronzed Cream Eye Shadow

Another Topshop make up item, sorry (and there's more to come!). I can't find this one online so I'm guessing it was just a limited item as part of the lovely Damned Collection Topshop did, but if you can find one, I would highly recommend it. It's basically a cream eye shadow, similar to a MAC paint pot, so nothing unique but it's really highly pigmented, has a slight shimmer and it's a dream to work with. You can either add it alone with your fingers for a grungey look, or get more precise blending it on with a fluffy brush. It looks incredibly pretty alone but colours on top really pop, especially your everyday nudes. I use it all the time with my Urban Decay Naked Palettes and it really gives an extra kick to your make up.
4. Topshop Mexican Lipstick

I told you there would be more...and umm, yes one more! In February I had a love affair again with red and orange lip shades. I'll discuss my go-to red below but for now this is the orange lipstick I really love. I also own Infrared and shamefully they are ever so similar, but I got this with the Louise Gray make up collection and I just wanted to show it a bit more love. As we come into Spring, I just know my orange lipstick obsession will grow.

5. Topshop Velvet Lips in 'Velveteen Ribbon'

As I mentioned above I have loved my red and orange lipstick shades this month. I have so many red shades I have loved over the years but this Topshop velvet lip gloss/stain is very lovely. It's not incredibly unique; being that Lime Crime, MUA and others have similar products but I was in London a few months ago and I picked up a little make up card for the Damned Collection where they had a look with this velvet lips and the 'Bronzed' Eye Gleam. I was just successfully sucked in to the beautiful make up look really, but this has been my absolute treasure this winter.
6. LUSH Close To You Massage Bar

I could go on and on about my love for this product but indeed, I suggest you may want to check out my LUSH Valentine's Day post right here. In a nutshell though, if you adore sweet, vanilla scents and already love Creamy Candy, Rock Star soap and Snow Fairy, you need to get this before it goes! Or try to find one online here.

7. LUSH Prince Charming Shower Gel

As we slowly come into Spring I wanted a lighter scented shower gel. This has been perfect. It's a really gorgeous fruity warm scent, with pomegranate juice, and grapefruit oil, but also with a hint of sweetness to it like Turkish delight. Again check out my full review right here and try to find it online here.
8. Seventeen SUPERlash Mascara

I couldn't recommend Seventeen more highly for mascara. Perhaps it is just me, but honestly, some of their mascaras are to me better than so many higher end rivals and they are seriously purse friendly. The latest mascara I tried from Seventeen is SUPERlash. I already love Doll'd Up so I was excited to try this and the packaging is the coolest ever, ever. I actually reviewed this recently so you can head on over here to have a little read and to see what it looked like on my lashes but in a nutshell: amazing!
9. This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray

Okay so I sleep really, really well, but I have had such troubles switching off lately; I take advantage of how well I sleep and start reading too much past midnight on a weekday, make to-do lists as I am in bed; I just need something to make me more sleepy way before bedtime. After a few mere seconds of spritzing this on my cushions and bed linen, I instantly felt calmer and more chilled out. I had lovely deep sleeps and always wake up feeling refreshed when I use this. I then lent it to my Mum when she returned from South Africa and she loves it too, so that to me shows it's a really good product. If you're interested in my full review then head on over here.

10. Buzzcut Season- Lorde

I think everyone has heard Lorde's track Royals, oui? Yep, I thought so! Well I did kind of fall in love with her from that track but I now tend to skip it because there are so, so many gems on 'Pure Heroine'. One of my favourites is 'Buzzcut Season'. The lyrics are so sharp especially lines such as 'I'll live in a hologram with you' which to me suggests her inner struggles at adjusting to fame, and her voice so effortlessly leaps octaves with a melancholy piano hook that really drives the track. I just cannot get over how this girl is 17 and it annoys me beyond belief people right her off as miserable just because she's a true artists doing things her own way and being herself. 

Now it's over to you lovely lot :)



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