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children's-hair-accessories-beauxoxo 138a          As you all know, or may have spotted, I’ve been a little quiet on my blog so far this year and I just wanted to let you in finally on my secret project. Since starting Beauxoxo back in 2010 I have received many custom requests from my customers for accessories that will fit children. Since my shop has expanded, so have the requests for more chidren’s hair accessories, and now, in 2014, I feel like the timing is just oh so-right to release a hair accessory line dedicated to little ones! Eee!

I am a mixture of being so completely excited and yet I am ever so slightly apprehensive at the same time as whilst I have done so much research it all feels very new to me. However, I feel like I’m ready for this challenge, I really, really want to give it my all and ekk, let’s see what happens!

I’ve included some photos above about what you can expect. The first photo is just a few products I’m working on. They include: bow headbands, mini hair bows, knitted headbands and not included are products such as flower crowns and of course many of my original Beauxoxo products. And then the second photo is what you can expect visually for my graphic design inspiration. I want to make hair accessories with a vintage feel, a throwback to the era of Andy Pandy and children classic stories and fairytales. But of course, what to name it? The obvious suggestions are: Beauxoxo Girl, Mini Beauxoxo and Little Beauxoxo. I’m currently slightly leaning towards Beauxoxo Girl because I feel growing up you always had Cosmo girl magazine, Elle girl magazine and so on. What do you think?

If you have any thoughts whatsoever, any suggestions about products, a business name or whatever they may be, I would absolutely love to hear from you. Please feel free to either leave me a little comment on my Facebook Page right here, or email me through here. Thank you endlessly for allowing Beauxoxo to grow enough that I am even considering this. I am just so overwhelmed constantly with the opportunities that have come my way. Thank you ♥.



  1. I like Little Beauxoxo best I think, it sounds more vintagy than Beauxoxo Girl so I think it fits the feel of the collection better. I think I will treat my little sister to some goodies for her Birthday! ^^

    1. Aww yay thank you so much Lily! Little Beauxoxo seems to be the most popular. I totally get you re vintagy thing and little working. Thank you so much for your advice xoxo

  2. I was about to say exactly what Lily has! Little Beauxoxo :)
    Emily x

    1. I think you're right there Emily for sure :) xoxo


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