REVIEW: Soap And Glory One Heck Of A Blot Super Translucent Mattifying Powder

So here's something fun for today, a little review! I haven't sat down and reviewed a product in what feels like the longest time but as you all know I am currently working on my 'Pale Skin Diaries' Project and as I test an array of different products to find the best ones for us snow white girls, I have actually found a few gems which I want to share with you along the way in more detail.

So, whilst swatching away on the 'Soap and Glory' counter I was truly impressed by the 'One Heck Of A Blot' powder. I was looking for a simple, basic powder to combat my very annoying oily T-zone and when I saw this was translucent it completely captured my attention. I normally use MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish which for me acts as coverage and a powder in one, but this is very different. Unlike most face powders this pretty much does what it says on the pretty front: mattifies. Thus, it doesn't look cakey whatsoever and a light dusting will provide you with a photo shopped, magazine cover, matte perfect complexion. 

Now here's the news for us snow white girls: this is a face powder that does NOT look orange, I repeat, does NOT look orange! Hurrah indeed! In fact, on good skin days I wear just a bit of concealer and this all over and it does seem to even my skin tone too. This leads me to thinking that for medium to darker skin tones this may perhaps leave a white cast so you may want to be very, very light with your application. In addition, it also didn't irritate my sensitive skin and for £12 I deem it pretty affordable. Plus, I know it's not about the packaging blah, blah, blah but serious top marks to the kitsch expensive Benefit esque packaging. 

My Soap and Glory overall feature will follow shortly I'm a bit behind with my 'Pale Skin Diaries' posts because umm, well I have learnt it's a teeny bit awkward taking too many swatches in store so I have since learnt the best way is to break my photos into several visits, hence the delay!

For more information about Soap and Glory's One Heck Of A Blot click here. What's your favourite face powder?



  1. This looks lovely but I don't know if I'm pale enough! Like, I'm pretty pale but I'm also freckly so find it hard to use powders.

    I'm a massive soap and glory fan though!


    1. I have a lot of freckles too and I'm very pale and it works great for me so definitely swatch it in store as it may just work for you too :) xoxo


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