'Hair Style Directory: The Ultimate Practical Guide to Creating Classic and Modern Styles' by Christina Butcher, Hair Romance Blog

There's truly nothing better than witnessing the success of a fellow blogger, I can list so very many but today I want to dedicate a post to Christina Butcher from one of my favourite hairstyle blogs ever Hair Romance. Christina's blog is a darling little spot in the blogspohere filled with daily inspiration, hair and beauty tips, tricks, and advice from fashion weeks to street-style hair and celebrity hair

It totally makes sense then that Christina has now published her very own book sharing, as she calls it, 'hair-inspiration' to the masses with a book titled 'The Hairstyle Directory'. Christina's book is aimed at the many people out there who love to experiment with their hair and are either on the look-out for new styles or wish to find inspiration to play with and embellish styles they already know and love. Some, however, may require a friendly extra hand! The book breaks down all the various ways one would style their hair from pony tails, braids to up-dos, and the looks are broken down so that the reader can pick their favourite style based on their available time, hair length, and hair type, also indicating how time consuming or difficult the style is to put together, alongside clear, concise step-by-step illustrations. With over 80 hairstyles covering everything from classic looks, to modern hairstyles and everything from a simple wrapped ponytail to a complex fishtail chignon. My personal favourite is the Heidi braids, and I want to rock the look all summer long with little daisy Beauxoxo clips around the sweet plaits.

Overall I would highly recommend this book to any beauty blogger, hair enthusiast or just a just a girl looking for a one-stop book of every hair style imaginable. Christina will guide you through them all in this book packed with invaluable advice, and a wealth of contemporary visual inspiration to help readers understand the challenges and possibilities that each hairstyle offers. I also thought the reference section at the end of the book which offers a few pages on useful tools Christina recommends as well as courses and further education for those who would like to take hair styling to a more professional level, and if you're starting to feel like a pro by the end of the book!

Thank you so much to Fran from Aurum Publishing for sending me a copy of this book to review. Head over to Christina's 'Hair Romance' blog here, and to buy the book from Amazon for just £10.34 click here.



  1. Hi Georgie, thank you so much for the lovely review of my book! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and hope you try some of the styles in your hair. Christina xx

    1. You're so welcome Christina I really loved the book and wish you so much success with it :) xoxo

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