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Today on my journey through the 'The Pale Skin Diaries', on my quest for the fairest of the fair foundations, I'm taking you to the Smashbox counter. When I think of Smashbox I instantly think of their primers but this is a high-priced brand so let's see how well their foundation and concealer range goes.

The Pale Skin Diaries: The information in this post is only correct at the time of posting. I apologise in advance for any messy counters and testers, you know how grim they can be sometimes! All of the products are swatched on my hand for the purpose of being able to see them clearly but please be assured I also test everything on my cheek for accuracy. For reference purposes I am slightly paler than MAC's NW15. Please note that I am not reviewing all of the products in this series I am simply illustrating and discussing how fair the palest shades really are. Apologies for the lacking photo quality which is due to the photos being taken with my phone as many stores will not be DSLR friendly! I hope you enjoy this series :).
Let's get started! Join me after the cut and let's see how well Smashbox score for snow white skin.
Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation- Fair Beige
This foundation reminds me of Make Up Forever's HD foundation in that it's designed very much for the media, the hot studio lights kind of environment. It promises 15 hours wear with a formula developed to withstand intense on-set conditions whilst leaving skin hydrated and shine-free, blurring imperfections with light-diffusing spheres. Well all that aside colour wise it really didn't impress me. The lightest shade I could find is 'Fair Beige' and whilst online it looks really pale on my skin in store it sadly was far too yellow for me. Now, I have pink undertones to my complexion but on my cheek swatch it looked far too obvious so sadly I cannot recommend this foundation. For more information on this foundation click here. The reviews are really good regardless of the shade issue for me so bear that in mind.

Liquid Halo HD Foundation SPF 15
So let's move onto the 'Halo Foundation' now. According to Smashbox this foundation has liquid light technology that evens out the skin for a totally natural, luminous finish. I again tried the lightest shade and repeat of the above: yellow central!! It too looked too yellowy on my face when I tested some there. And yet again, online it looks pretty fair however in store I couldn't understand why it ran so different to what I imagine true fair to be. Needless to say sadly I wouldn't recommend this however again it did feel lovely on, really lovely this one, so I'm sure it's a fantastic foundation. For more information click here.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder- Fair
Okay by now of my Smashbox testing I was feeling a little disappointed and when I swatched the mineral powder foundation again it initially seemed too yellow but in the end, actually this one is okay! It's not the palest mineral powder out there but once I blended this in it was the first thing so far from Smashbox that actually could work for pale skin. It actually looked really nice swatched on my cheek too and so I could recommend this but again be warned it's ever slightly yellow toned. It seems to have pretty impressive qualities for a mineral powder too, with a formulation of pure gold, 48 minerals, 11 amino acids and a powerful peptide deliver dynamic anti-aging benefits while the patented hydration system continuously revitalizes skin for a brighter, more radiant complexion all day. I would love to try this out again because I do like mineral foundations. My only concern is would it oxidise? I think a good primer would be essential. For more information about this product click here.

High Definition Liquid Concealer- Fair
Finally, the HD concealer and you guessed it: yellow! I swatched the lightest shade Fair, Porcelain and it didn't work for me or my skintone at all and I wouldn't personally recommend it. Perhaps under eyes it may cancel out imperfections but when I applied it to my cheek it looked far too obvious. It however, again feels like a lovely concealer and very light and blendable, it just wasn't a good tone for me to work with. Click here for more information.


Overall feedback on pale foundations at Smashbox: Sadly I couldn't really recommend this brand to my pale skin friends because everything for me and my skintone worked out just so yellow. I do however want to stress that if you have yellow based undertones please do go in store and swatch because this may just work for you. The product I would recommend would be the mineral powder and I am intrigued to look into this more as it did seem the best of the bunch however everything else is a miss with me I'm afraid. 

Overall score: c. 

I hope you liked my Smashbox post and I'm sorry I couldn't give a more glowing review but with so, so many brands out there I'm trying to be really, really picky to get the best of the best for you all but please bear in mind my individual experiences and it is always worth trying things in stores whenever you can.



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