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Do you ever feel you have just too much stuff? Beauty bloggers; I'm looking at you! Now, I adore beauty products as much as the next beauty obsessed blogger, I mean of course, that goes without saying, but I really don't like having too much of it at any one time anymore because I have come to realise that make up and beauty is so much more fun when you're actually using what you have.

Back in 2012, when I started Beauxoxo properly, I was well aware it was time to start thinking and acting like a business owner and thus I had to become a lot more money savvy. Running a business is really very, very expensive and I soon learnt (though it does help that my Dad is an accountant and helps me get my head around everything finance) that I needed to budget for everything. I mean I did budget at Uni but you really have to be kind of over the top about it when you have your own business, at least, that's what I have experienced!

So I started to look at what I was spending (ekk, not a nice activity at all) and I soon realised that of course like many, I was just spending too much money on beauty products. Uh oh! So, I decided from here on to really use my collection to the fullest and that I absolutely did not need anymore beauty products, which includes make up, skincare and hair care etc until I had used things up. Strangely for me, this trend was actually fairly easy to keep up and ever since I have honestly not really splurged on a ton of things for absolutely ages and ages. I mean of course I've purchased things since I had my little spending ban but really and truly, nothing huge. Yes I may have been sucked in by the odd MAC release, and the new Naked 3 palette (which incidentally I adore!) but nothing major at all. And when it comes to hair care and skin care I'm really trying to downsize so that I have just one toner, one heat protection spray etc etc.

Now my whole beauty stash lives happily in this clear storage unit and I can truly say I use and love everything. There are quite a few things I'm majorly trying to downsize still, which includes lipstick, gah! I own way, way too many lipsticks so I'm desperately trying to not add to my collection and loving what I have. I also refuse to buy anymore beauty powders and highlighters from MAC...because I swear I own them all! And when it comes to eye shadow I have realised I own every colour I could possibly desire and that over the years I've kind of become a neutral girl so I have two Urban Decay Naked palette, 3 lovely natural Sleek palettes, a MAC palette filled with my very favourite shades and an Accessorize palette for when I'm feeling a little adventurous. I then have a few loose eye shadows and quads which are so handy for travelling. Other beauty products wise I have one of everything I need and nothing more and brushes, well, I truly do use them I'd find it hard to let go of any of them!!

So that's my beauty storage and overall collection. I still just want to stress that I feel I do have way too many things for one girl to own, but the point of this post is that I am enjoying streamlining what I really use over the years and I will absolutely be very, very picky when beauty shopping from now on. Plus, when you I do buy something, it's really exciting because I know I have purchased it because I have really, really considered my purchase, and for the cost of say just another lipstick, I feel I can treat myself to some fancy treats at luxury shops like Space NK for example.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know not only how you store your beauty products but also whether you too are trying to streamline your collection, and making a more considered approach to your purchases?



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