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Want to know more of my top favourite products of 2013? Join me after the cut.

Excuse me that this post is so, so late in getting up but hopefully an update post will follow and you will know why! I was going to

Make Up

This year I would describe my make up choices in two words: natural and safe. My day-to-day look has very much been natural and soft, and my evening make up sticks with the neutral tones I have come to love but just deeper and more smokier. So, my Urban Decay Naked Palette has been my little comfort blanket this year I absolutely adore it! I know the these palettes are talked about endlessly in the beauty community, but they really are kinda special. I recently got the Naked 3 Palette and I think so far I love best of all, but in 2013 I was rocking the original one pretty much daily. I haven't bothered with the Naked 2 Palette to be honest, though I am a huge fan of the Naked range in general.

To complete my 2013 face I have used MAC's Cork eyeshadow on my brows every single day and for a dark redhead this is just the best, seriously my fellow redheads, take a look at this one. For eye liner I have hardly used gel liner really and my preference has been a soft pencil and I have adored one by Pixi Beauty called Cafe Gold. It's a stunning golden brown soft pencil that works for so many looks, and one I know I've raved about on here many a time for sure. For mascara, the Collection 2000 Dolled Up mascara is SO hard to beat I cannot quite believe how much better this is for me to the other ones that cost 4x more. For a base, well, a new love of my life has been GOSH'S CC Cream which is not only perfect for my palest skin but also because it's so light and a dream on (I promise the pale skin diaries will return this year and I'll talk about this in more detail!). For blusher I have been all about peach shades this year and MAC's 'Soda Cream' from the Archie collection is just one of many favourites. For lips it has surprisingly been all about neutrals which is odd for me as I do adore bright shades so I need to get back into that for this year, but anyway Lime Crime's 'Babette' and MAC's 'See Sheer' have been just two of my favourites. To apply everything overall I've been all about Real Techniques brushes this year. Again something hugely raved about in the beauty community, but for me the shapes of the brushes are very much different to what I already have in my collection so I love using them. 


I think 2013 was the first year in forever that I had a skin care regimen which pretty much didn't alter one bit which is kind of surprising really! For morning cleansing I use the Botanics All Bright gentle cleansing cream which I purchased on a whim but it's funny sometimes how those purchases turn out to be things that becomes staples! For evening cleansing I use the Balance Me 'Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm' which I absolutely adore and I am so happy to have found this absolute gem this year. It removes make up so gently, lightly exfoliates and my skin is so happy when I have used this. Then for moisturiser in the day I have really loved Simple's SPF 30 daily face moisturiser and for the evening the Yonka range has been fabulous. As for lip balm I was so happy to discover the Hurraw! Balm range in Whole Foods as they are my newest obsession. Along with LUSH's 'Whipstick' they are my very favourites! For 2014 I want to find a toner I love as I'm lacking that a bit lately.

Hair care

I haven't really done much hair care experimenting which is very boring of me indeed. I have however fallen back in love with Batiste dry shampoo, which I have used ever since I can remember really. It's cheap and it does the job and I adore the kitsch packaging and scents they have developed over time. Something a little newer that I have been loving is Charles Worthington's Colour Enhancer Heat UV Protecting Spray. It is supposed to be for those with colour treated hair but I get frustrated my natural red hair gets lighter in the spring and summer and so far, so good because I love treating my hair to much needed sun protection and heat damage. Finally, my favourite hair care product of the year of course had to be the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Just about everyone seems to have this I know, but it really is fabulous. I am so happy to have a Space NK minutes away from me because otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered to get it but oh gosh, huge, bouncy hair that smells simply divine is just a few spritzes away. I love it!

Bath Treats

The last photo is my bath time staples which is a little mish-mash of a few of the above but also body lotions and bath products I'm loving. So firstly there are a few more hair care bits that of course live by my shower and bath. My shampoo and conditioner all throughout the year has been the Happy Hair Days duo but major sad face because I think they were discontinued a while ago because I stock piled massively. I will be so, so sad when I run out altogether as I have never ever purchased a shampoo and conditioner so many times. The coconut and marshmallow scent will be thoroughly missed! I do equally adore the scent of LUSH's American Cream conditioner and have to have some of this around always but because it smells so, so good, seriously my vanilla friends, try it!

Other bath times faves are the Botanic's Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask which is so, so blimmin good. I was feeling lazy and wanted a clay mask and now I have discovered this, I'm kind of addicted! Making clay masks is really easy and a lot of fun but if you're in a hurry definitely pick this up. I really love it. For a shaving gel the Queen of range has been hard to beat. I just love the quirky packaging and supreme moisture they give the skin. Shower gel and bath products wish it's a bit boring to say but it's all one brand dominated: LUSH! But then, when you live near the home of LUSH then that's what you get! After I have had a bath I then moisturise with a mix between LUSH's Dream Cream on my nasty eczema patches and LUSH's Vanilla Dee-Lite everywhere else.

And that's my beauty favourites for 2013 all wrapped up and it has taught me that a) I need to get out of the neutral terrority a bit, b) I want to find my dream toner and c) I need to explore more hair care ranges for when my beloved Happy Hair Days duo will run out oh and d) it might be fun to find more bath products too!

What did you love the very most last year? Link me to your posts pretty please :)


  1. The Oribe Texturizing Spray looks amazing Georgie, I've heard so many good things about their products! xxx

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  3. Wow, you really have got a lot of use out of your Naked palette! I'm considering getting the Naked 2 when I've used up all the neutral eyeshadows I've got right now. Here's my 2013 make-up favourites:


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