Shop a handmade Christmas: Little Miss Delicious

So who is last minute Christmas shopping? Come on people, hands up, I know you're not alone! Well, this week is going to be your best chance for online shopping so I thought I would feature some of my favourite online brands to round off my little 'Shop a Hanmade Christmas' feature. Today, it's time for one of the coolest crafty ladies out there, Maxine from Little Miss DeliciousEstablished in 2009, Little Miss Delicious is the sweetest online store specialising in high quality handmade polymer clay jewellery, accessories and apparel that look good enough to eat!

Maxine created Little Miss Delicious from her home in Newcastle truly by accident, as she, like so many crafters, started making things for herself and friends whist at university. People soon began asking where they could buy the jewellery Maxine was creating and interest grew by the day. Since Maxine's Uni days Little Miss Delicious has blossomed into a such a huge success and Maxine now creates her coloured clay into ice creams, pizzas, cupcakes, and so many more yummy combinations full time. As well as being good enough to eat, all the adorable clay pieces feature Maxine's signature smiling face making them all truly unique and special.

Maxine also stocks adorable cute, kawaii gifts and extras such as the kitty post it notes above which I NEED to own so badly as they are too cute, and it counts as being organised, right? If you order right now, like right now, I do believe Little Miss Delicious are throwing in a little freebie at checkout so get on that order asap!

I hope you love Little Miss Delicious as much as I do. What's your favourite piece?

Find Little Miss Delicious here:
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  1. oh my good everything is soooo cuuuuutte! I just visited the website and I want to buy everything lol.

    1. Awww Donna, I know isn't everything so, so cute? I want everything too ;) xoxo


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