Shop a handmade Christmas: Jewellery By Jaymie

So there are some brands in my Christmas handmade shopping guide that I have blogged about quite extensively so to avoid becoming a repetitive so and so, I'm going to point you to this post right here where I rambled on about how much I simply adore Jaymie's jewellery illustrative pieces, because I truly, truly do! 

In a word, Jaymie is ridiculously talented, just ridiculously so. Her jewellery and accessories, including aodrable collars pins and sunglasses, are truly unique and special because Jaymie illustrates each and every design by hand. Jaymie is such a very, very talented illustrator and her drawings are just stunning, and they really would make the most special present for so many different people on your Christmas list this year.

So what's currently on my wishlist? Well, I think the Suzy Bishop necklace is so fun, the rabbit collar pins because you all know I'm literally obsessed with anything with bunnies on and finally the iconic Chanel 255 bag, complete with a lush pearl chain which I just think is so beautiful and the attention to detail is outstanding. 

So, tell me, have you fallen for Jaymie's beautiful work? If so, tell me what's taken your fancy, there's lot to pick from, I know!

Find Jewellery By Jaymie here:
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