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 So I want to round off with one of my most favourite brands to finish my 'Shop a handmade Christmas' series. Once upon a time, back in 2011, I did one of my first City Shopping Guide for Bristol (by the way, absolutely bringing this feature back!) where I stumbled across the lovely 'I Love Crafty' shop in Clifton's Arcades and from then on it has been a love affair ever since, and after visiting Laura's gorgeous shop I was so excited to blog about 'I Love Crafty' for the first time. Back then, 'I Love Crafty' was a gorgeous little shop selling Laura's handmade jewerllery, cosmetics and accessories alongside 30 other local designers and actually stocked some of my Beauxoxo handmade hair accessories! I have included a photo of the 'I Love Crafty' shop window at Christmas time for nostalgia purposes, because wasn't it just so pretty?

Fast forward to this year, and 'I Love Crafty', run by the super lovely Laura, is now an online business and has truly flourished! Out of all the brands feature thus far in the 'Shop a handmade Christmas series' I would say that our designs run very harmoniously against each other and aesthetically we are constantly on the same page, we adore all the similar pretty things in life, and I just adore that we have that artistic quality in common. I also love that we can talk about the ups and downs of running a handmade business together like I do with Faye and Kim and that's so special to me.

'I Love Crafty' is home to a host of fun and varied collections. Some of my top favourites are the Feline Fatale Collection, full of cute kitty rings, necklaces and collar pins, the I'm Really a Mermaid collection probably by absolute favourite and come on who doesn't want to be a Mermaid? to the incredibly fun and patriotic The Blighty Might collection. I also adore the Tropics collection, full on neon-summer tropical fun as loved by Doe Deere, no less! 

Laura's 'I Love Crafty motto is to, 'design, produce and inspire' and I think Laura seriously achieves that! If you're reading this currently searching high and low for fun, adorable statement jewellery then you'll find exactly what you're looking for with all the gorgeous 'I Love Crafty' collections above, I can assure you of that!

How many lovely 'I Love Crafty' fans do I have here reading this post? What's your favourite piece?

Find I Love Crafty here:
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