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Today's handmade Christmas gift guide is where I talk about the very special Faye from The Bohemian Collective. Faye is probably one of the most talented crafters I have truly ever had a pleasure to meet, and her work is jaw-droppingly intricate and pure art. I am so completely in awe of her talent!

The Bohemian Collective is described as being, 'jewellery for the free spirit, the dreamer and the girl with wanderlust', and I reckon that sums me up pretty perfectly, so I'm already sold! The Bohemian Collective journey started with Faye, a self-taught jeweller, who has forever had a creative passion, but just like myself, got lost along the way and went to University to study something not particularly craftty; Law (except I studied music!). During studying for her degree in 2011, Faye soon realised that she needed something more, so she started designing and making jewellery as a hobby but the demand for her pieces turned from a crafty hobby into a fully fledged business, and  The Bohemian Collective was born. In 2012 Faye first picked up a blowtorch n Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and she hasn’t been able to put it down since! 

Faye's jewellery is so distinctive and unique and this is probably because of the rich diversity of cultures and places that Faye has visited that have influenced her work from Thailand, to Sydney, to New Zealand and Navajo Nation. These journeys have made their mark on so many of my favourite pieces from The Bohemian Collective with my top picks being: The lace gypsy heart earrings (as pictured above), blossom drop earringsdaisy above knuckle ring (on the subject of above the knuckle rings Faye's are THE originals- accept no imitations!!), vintage moon necklacesterling silver daisy ring (I own two of Faye's rings and absolutely adore them and I'm not a ring girl at all, so for me to notice the beauty in her rings means I reeeeally love them!) and the simply incredible Kuchi Coin breastplate seen in the above photos, which leaves me speechless when you see how much skill and time has gone into this piece. And it is this dedication that has seen The Bohemian Collective truly flourish this year, catching the attention of Caggie from Made In Chelsea fame no less, who snapped up Faye's talent for her ISWAI business, and I'm so ridiculously proud of Faye to be listed as one of their designers! 

Faye, like Kim From Ever Ours who I blogged about yesterday, was also a fellow Bournemouth crafter and myself, Kim and Faye got together to discuss all things craft and small business and she has been a tower of strength to me this year I simply cannot thank her enough. She got me out of a very low point this year and I am so forever grateful to her. I miss both her and Kim greatly!

So, I really hope you love Faye's work as much as I do. Please visit her website and links below and tell me what item you are dreaming of for Christmas? 

Find The Bohemian Collection here:
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