Music Monday: Charity Vance

One of the things I love about Youtube is that it's a wonderful network of so many varied talents and through simply watching your favourite beauty blogger you then find another Youtuber, a musician in this case., and so the small little world that is Youtube continues to connect more and more people. Today I want to create a Music Monday post for one very special girl on Youtube called Charity, because after finding her talent only very recently, I felt the need to tell everyone how amazing she is, because she is destined to be massive, that I am sure!
So enter Charity Vance, a US  singer-songwriter with the sweetest voice who has loved to put pen to paper to create self-penned songs since childhood. Since she was just 7 years old Charity has performed each year at Riverfest, performed countless half-time and National Anthem performances, and at the age of 9, she played the lead role in the musical Annie for a 50 show run. Just two years years later, Charity then went onto win the Radio Disney Superstar Kid Contest, and has made regular appearances at special events at Little Rock’s famed Peabody Hotel (best hotel in the world, for the record! In just two words: duck house!). Charity’s frequent performances helped her become a skilled performer, and she grew more and more comfortable with her vocal abilities. So much so that by the time she was 11, she was employed by Soundscapes and doing voice-overs for radio commercials nationwide. In 2010 Charity's hit TV screens across America with extensive coverage on Season 9 of the hit USA TV talent show American Idol, where she first wowed the judges in Chicago with her rendition of the infamous 'Summertime'. After making it through to the Hollywood stages, Charity headed into the studio with Nashville based production team ZodLounge, who have worked with Leann Rimes, to work on her debut album. 
Charity's music makes me think of American sweethearts such as Mandy Moore, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood (she has the beauty of all three, and I think she has a tad of Ellie Goulding to her look too, don't you think? Musically too!) with a sweet, sugary pop gloss, but Charity is far more than your stereo-typical pop princess, and her music shines out from all manufactured pop acts out there for her truthful melodies, and lyrics from the heart. This is evident when you hear her discussing how much writing means to her: “To have the most delightful day possible, all I need is a pen, my right hand, and my beaten-up notebook I am trying to keep alive. Writing is a part of me, it owns a room in my heart and I love visiting that room! I want my music to be the choice of the group of girls driving to the park. I hope it streams through the open windows to meet the wind on its way out. I hope my music gets the chance to live.” Well, since I discovered Charity's music it has certainly been living in my world, and despite it being chilly as we get ever-nearer to Christmas, I love driving along my in my car playing it with my imaginary sun roof and with a group of girlfriends in tow so I just know that if you like the above, you will adore Charity's music as much as I do. 
Check Charity out here: 
Have a listen to the song 'Icing', probably Charity's most well-known to date and let me know what you think!


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