Day In The Life: Boscombe Vintage Chrismas Market

boscombe vintage market
vintage typewriter
chick salt and pepper
enid blyton
Lots and lots of pretty things after the cut :)

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joanna jacobs
joanna jacobs cards
joanna jacobs cards boscombe vintage market
joanna jacobs cards bottle top jewellery
joanna jacobs jewellery
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lulabop jewellery
made by swimmer
made by swimmer embroidery
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vintage strawberry tea dress
vintage cream lace dress
vintage shoes
This weekend has been all about Christmas markets so I thought I'd take you along with me. I had planned to do a follow me around style vlog (well, no pro-vlogger quality, just my style!) but I was actually on my own for these markets so carting lots of boxes and equipment wasn't so easy with a camera in tow too! I have however snapped lots and lots of photos so hopefully you can imagine being here with me!

So with Beauxoxo currently I am not able to do as many markets as I used to due to the sheer amount of international orders I get compared to when I was just a student making a bit of pocket money selling my wares! I do really, really miss the market days though so I decided to come back to Boscombe Vintage Market for the December market as a Christmas special and also because it was Small Business Saturday. I have blogged quite a lot about the Boscombe Vintage Market so if you want to see one of my original posts from nearly a year ago now (flippin eck!!) then click right on here. In a nutshell, the market was established in October 2010 and sells the wares of many local vintage sellers and crafters on the first Saturday of every month with free entry in the majestic Royal Arcade in Boscombe, Dorset. The market is wonderful in providing opportunities for small businesses like myself and other local artists, but most importantly it increases footfall in the area; and is raising the profile of Boscombe as a creative arts and cultural hub. 

It was a really good day of trade, and so lovely and Christmassy. I always love most of all catching up with my fellow stall-holders as what's so special about markets is the comradery between everyone. I adore in particular Carlitta Monchitta's lace earringsLulabopjewelry's badges and pins, Made By Swimmer's quirky embroidered goodsKaotic Handbag's comic and Disney pieces and Joanna Jacob's signature bottle top jewellery. Then of course in terms of vintage pieces you're truly spoilt for choice and each visit will have you finding something completely unique. This Saturday I fell in love with a strawberry tea dress, and a 70s lace cream dress both pictured above. You also find unexpected gems such as the above chick salt and pepper pots which let's face it are kind of crazy but deserved to be fussed over and adored! 

I hope the above photos maybe convinced you to swing by the market if you happen to be a Dorset resident, or if you happen to be visiting in the future. For more information about the Boscombe Vintage Market click here.

Where? Inside the Royal Arcade, Boscombe, Bournemouth, BH1 4BT. 2 miles east of Bournemouth town centre
When? The first Saturday of every month (I only do this market seasonally so feel free to tweet me to ask when I will next be there!)

What markets are good locally to you? Did you shop handmade and locally this Saturday?



  1. super cute, particularly love the stall with the dresser mirror and glittery deer x

  2. These photos are gorgeous! Wish I could go somewhere cool like this.My latest post contains a bow from your shop - obsessed with it! Much Love!

    1. Awwww yay Paige, you're so sweet, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to go and read your post now <3 xoxo


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