Wednesday Wishlist: Lime Crime & The Balm

So today I am having one of those wishlist dreaming kind of days, so I thought it would be fun to blog about it because I love reading other blogger’s wishlist posts but don’t share mine for some reason. Plus, it’s a fun way to discover new products! I hope you like my little picks, please leave your wishlist in the comments below please, it’s my birthday this time next week so I do treat myself annually to new beauty bits (and it controls my ye’ olde out of control Boots sprees, haha).

Lime Crime
lime-crime-babetteSo the first up is Lime Crime, and I’m really, really into them right now. I have used bits of Lime Crime in the past and despite some controversy I have heard over the years I just I really like the products and I use them regularly on photo shoots. Sure, I think dupes are probably out there but I’m a sucker for whimsical, packaging(it’s purple, and there are Unicorns, oh my!!) and I like the fact it’s a small indie business, not tested on animals, and as far as I know, Vegan. They really stand out in the cosmetics world and I’m not surprised at all they are doing so well. Plus, Doe Deere is one of my style crushes and I really adore everything she wears and love that she’s very much THE brand, I love that. I’m so super excited for the Pink Velvet Velvetine which comes out next Friday, 29th November. I am sure every beauty blogger knows what the Velvetines are, but essentially they are lip-stains and they’re amazing. I have heard rumours drugstore brands are trying to bring out their versions but I want the Lime Crime ones only just because I admire and support their ethics.

How many others of you own any Lime Crime products? I have also heard the eyeshadow primer is incredible. By the way, the beautiful photo above is from Katia’s blog Hey Dickface and you should absolutely head on over there to see how gorgeous Lime Crime is! Katia has a insanely gorgeous collection too, and also, I adore her blog full stop!

The Balm
the-balm-cosmetics-nude-tude-eyeshadow-palettethe-balm-cosmetics-sex-pot-eyeshadowthe-balm-cosmetics-balms-away-eye-make-up-removerAnother brand I’m all over right now is The Balm. The Balm are a USA company known for their seriously fun, quirky packaging and for being another amazing animal-cruelty free brand. Hurrah, hurrah! A lot of their products reminds me of old school Too Faced packaging but every single product in The Balm line has the best packaging ever (all the above photos are from The Balm Facebook page by the way).They sell absolutely everything a beauty girl could dream of from make up, to skincare and hair care. I literally want the whole website but the above products are currently top of my wishlist. The Nude Tude eyeshadow palette looks so, so lush with colours that I wear every single day so it would be a very sensible buy, for me! I also adore their pigments and I really want ‘You Buy, I’ll Fly’ because the rich bronze shade looks so stunning, and umm, I’m a redhead so yes, the packaging is selling it to me! Finally, the eye make up remover called ‘Balms Away’ looks really, really interesting as I’ve never tried a product like it before, other than bog standard coconut oil to remove eye make up. I have also been wanting it even more it since I saw it on the lovely Olivia from What Olivia Did's blog, because that girl who feature anything, and I’d want it!! 

So there you go, my Wednesday wants! So how about you? Also, have any of you tried any of the above products? If you had please tell me your views :).


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