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i'm-your-present-jewelry-i'm-your-present-etsysilver-glitter-heart-hair-band-glitter-heart-headband-kawaii-lolita-hair-accessory-glitter-hair-band-glitter-hair-accessory-lime-crime-d'lilac-lipstick-princess-silver-crown-heart-trio (2)i'm-your-present-sweetheart-earringsi'm-your-present-christmas-tree-earringsi'm-your-present-teddy-bear-cameo-earringsIf you are looking for beautiful, unique gifts this Christmas then Etsy should absolutely be something to start browsing. Today I want to feature one of my favourite shops of all time I’m Your Present in my shop handmade feature which I started the other day for your Christmas buying this year. As a fellow Etsy girl myself I love to support my fellow Etsians and buy from them. The lovely Kelly who runs and owns I’m Your Present was the one who actually inspired me to start my own shop, and continues to inspire me today. Kelly has one of the most successful shops on Etsy and yet she’s still so down to earth with her craft and evolves so naturally and for me, she’s the perfect inspiration because despite being so big she’s still very, very much handmade and that’s very much what I hope to be forever more.

Kelly currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 with a BA in Apparel Design. In 2008 Kelly won Fred Flare’s next big thing award and from there business has truly bloomed and now Kelly makes all her clothes and accessories alongside her assistants Liz and Kayla. If you love kawaii, lolita style you will truly adore Kelly’s shop where you’ll find everything from her infamous Sweetheart earrings (as used in my recent Beauxoxo photo shoot above!), laser cut acrylic jewellery, to the sweetest applique jumpers and other original clothing. This shop is truly one of the cutest on Etsy, I guarantee you that!

I’ve blogged quite a bit about I'm Your Present over the years so click here to see one such post but don’t just take my word from it, start planning your wishlist!

Find I’m Your Present here:

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  1. These pieces are absolutely gorgeous! So in love... :)

    Pastel Bokeh


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