Shop a handmade Christmas: Carlitta Monchitta

I retweeted today something from Shop Locally’s Twitter page who tweeted the following: ‘Shopping for the Season? Shop with a Reason. Support your local economy. Support local independent businesses. #ShopLocal’. This struck a chord for me, as a handmade seller myself, and in turn inspired this mini series I will be doing where I blog about some of my favourite Indie and handmade brands on the run up to Christmas because supporting local businesses, or handmade artists in general, is so important and I’m passionate about my little crafting community. So, think of this, if you will, as my little ‘gift guide’ series, with a handmade/Indie edge!

I am going to start out with a very, very local brand (I stress the very, very local bit because it is a fellow Bournemouth crafter!), Carlitta Monchitta. Carla is a regular trader like myself at the Boscombe Vintage Market and I adore her stunning jewellery and accessories. Carla’s website is brimming with beautiful pieces from the adorable Russian Doll brooches (that I want in EVERY design) to her gorgeous signature lace, crochet earrings that remind me of holidays in Italy, and they are in every colour you could possibly imagine, that always look so stunning on her stall all hanging delicately together from some thin wire (which, incidentally, is always one of the prettiest stall designs come market day). The earrings are a collection of fabric and vintage findings and only a handful of each are made so each pair are individual, so you are truly getting some very special and crafted with care and love as a gift for yourself, or a present for someone special.

I hope you love Carla’s designs as much as I do and don’t forget to visit her website here, and Carlitta Monchitta can also be found on Facebook here.

Will you be shopping locally/handmade/Indie brands this Christmas? If so, let me know! Also, let me know what your favourite piece from Carlitta Monchitta  :).



  1. I love the russian doll brooches, so pretty! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Those Russian dolls look so intricate pattern wise, beautiful!

    1. Oh I know aren't they? Such stunning pieces :) xoxo


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