Favourites: October 2013

Firstly: Happy Halloween! I hope, if you celebrate, you had a fun time dressing up embracing all things trick or treat! This month I have had so many things that are favourite worthy so here's what I have been loving this October. As always please share your favourites below too :).
Hurraw Vanilla Bean Lip Balm
1. Hurraw Vanilla Bean Lip Balm

My first favourite is something I am just utterly obsessed with! I do think, in general, I am addicted to lip balms some how because if I find one I love I constantly lose it because I am always carting it about with me! My new lip balm crush this month has been the Hurraw Vanilla Bean Lip Balm. Made with organic vanilla beans and other gorgeous natural, nourishing ingredients this is such a treat for your lips. I normally always use LUSH's Whipstick which you all know I adore but, I sometimes get a little grossed out if I need to use it in public and this is 100 times more hygenic rather than using a tin lip balm. It just leaves my lips feeling so soft and the smell is heavenly. A beautiful product I cannot be without now and it's all thanks to another obsession I've had this month: Whole Foods! I've visited a few branches in the US but I'm obsessed all over again after my first Whole Food London trip.
Body Fantasies Cotton Candy Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray
2. Body Fantasies Cotton Candy Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray

Does anyone own Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album? If you do, you'll know that the album booklet smells of candyfloss and it's pretty special and delicious. Well, how about a body spray that captured that very same, sweet scent? Well, enter Body Fantasies Cotton Candy body spray! This stuff smells so incredibly good. So, so sweet but not too sickly so it's just wonderful! I am actually going to do a separate post on it it's that good so watch out for that and I'll reveal more about it. 
GOSH CC Cream Illuminating Foundation 01 Porcelain
3. GOSH CC Cream Illuminating Foundation 01 Porcelain

This month I started a new blog feature aimed at finding the very best products on the high street and at department stores for us fair skinned girls (have a little read about it here. I am currently going around Superdrug and one brand that will soon go up is GOSH. I'll talk more about the brand when I come round to that particular post but whilst swatching away I got sucked into buying this CC cream because it's absolutely perfect shade wise and I'm pleased to see it works equally well. A beautiful light foundation which is so easy to wear, evens out the skin tone and has a slight dewy finish. So pleased to have found this little hidden gem!
Yonka Paris Age Defense Hydra No1 Serum
4. Yonka Paris Age Defense Hydra No1 Serum

In autumn and winter it's so important to up hydration in your skin and I absolutely have to otherwise my skin will flare up with eczema all over my face. So, for me it's all about maintining a very nutrious diet, lots of sleep and upping my water in take. What also helps hugely is a nourishing serum and I am absolutely love this one from Yonka. I was actually sent this serum but as you all know I am ridiculously picky about what I chose to accept on my blog so trust me when I say this is really, really good! Look out for a full review soon but in the meantime read more about this Yonka Age Defense Hydra No.1 Serum here.  
Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Moisture Cream SPF 30
5. Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Moisture Cream SPF 30

More skincare favourites! So, you know how it is, you always finishing your last remaining drop of something that is hard to find on the high street so cue last minute dash to Boots to find a day-to-day SPF. I stumbled across this little find from Simple which has SPF 30 and that's perfect to protect my fair skin all season. I have a love hate relationship with Simple; their deodrants are wonderful but sometimes their skin care has ironically irritated me. I decided to give them another go and this moisturiser is so wonderful! It's heavy when you apply it but instantly sinks in and my skin is left feeling incredibly hydrated but not so that it makes my make up slide off. Highly recommend this one and I think it was only £3.99 or some barganious price like that!
Little Mix by Collection Full on Clear Mascara
6. Little Mix by Collection Full on Clear Mascara

When I think of clear mascara I think of being a 12 year old playing about with make up but recently I've been irritated how poorly my eyebrows stay in place and being a redhead it's so hard to find nice eyebrow tools so I thought I'd just buy a clear mascara and keep my brows in place and hurrah, problem solved! This also works amazingly under mascara as a base coat and really, it's kind of boring, but I am definitely seeing the values of having a clear mascara in my beauty tool kit again. I'm currently using this Little Mix Collection one because you all know how much of a packaging sucker I am ;).
lucy bee coconut oil
7. Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

As some of you may know I try to stick to a dairy free life because it aggravates my eczema terribly. I might do a future post on the things I use in my diet in the future but in the meantime let me just tell you all how much I adore this amazing coconut oil. I have used coconut oil for a long time now, but I recently tried the Lucy Bee brand and it's definitely my favourite.  Coconut oil is just so versatile and I use this on my skin, hair and to cook with. It really is just such a joy to use. Check out the Lucy Bee website for recipes, and all about the wonders of coconut oil. 
haim days are gone
8. Haim 'Days Are Gone'

If you're a regular blog reader you will know that I am a total and utter Haim fan girl, I absolutely adore them! I have literally been counting down the days until their debut album was released and it was absolutely worth the wait. I love the album, and them, so much! They truly are the coolest girls ever and if you want to see why I love them so dearly click here.
9. Tumblr Gifs!

This month I've finally sucummbed to Tumblr and I must just say: gifs are addictive! Why, I'm not so sure, but goodness they are! I actually blogged about some of my recent favourite gifs right here so if you want to join me on the Tumblr click right here. I'm also always looking for new followers so leave your links below pretty please?
10. Jake Bugg

My final favourite for October is Jake Bugg who is another musician I adore, and I know I bang on about constantly, so apologies! I was really lucky to see him live on this tour this month and he was truly incredible. Because I could go on, and on, here's a link to my Music Monday all about the wonderful Jake Bugg.

So, now it's your turn to tell me about your October favourites please :).



  1. Ooooo really want the cotton candy fragrance :) and the vanilla bean lip balm looks great too xx

    1. I've just done a review for the fragrance Laura! :) xoxo


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