Favourites: November 2013

I have been obsessing with quite a bit during the month of November, so I'll dive in!
1Botanics All Bright Gentle Cleansing Cream 

A long, long time ago now I fell out of love with make up wipes so for ages now I use a cleansing cream to remove my make up. I do a cleansing cream and then a cleansing balmy type cleanser. For the past year or so I have used and re-purchased LUSH's 9 to 5 Cleanser but one day I ran out unexpectedly (*cough* disorganised *cough*) and so I had to scour Boots for something similar. I straight away headed to Botanics as I adore their products which are similar to LUSH's in many ways, especially their ethics, and they are extremely price conscious too. I stumbled across their all bright cleansing cream and it's literally identical to 9 to 5 in performance and I really, really love it. I think, if I remember correctly, it was a mere £2.99 which is so fabulous for 250ml worth and it is lasting me forever. I am going to re-purchase this for a while now! It doesn't leave skin with an oily cast and removes make up effortlessly whilst leaving the skin free from all irritation and is non-drying. It is also very slightly exfoliant due to Hibiscus, nature's brightness booster, and the natural AHA's from the flower act as mild exfoliators to help leave skin smoother and brighter. But there's no harsh exfoliating beads it's very creamy and gentle you don't even think it is exfoliating but I can inform you all it really does brighten the skin. Hurrah Botanics for this wonderful product!
2. Lime Crime 'Babette' Lipstick

So everyone in the beauty world talks about Lime Crime lipsticks and I personally really love them, and even more so recently as I swear they have improved the formula. Some of the colours are totally and completely out there (we're talking yellow, we're talking blue and we're even talking green, oh yes!) but Babette was introduced this year for neutral lip statements. This pink-peachy nude is so soft and so pretty I can imagine it to look so fabulous on all and I adore it for an everyday go-to lip, or something to compliment a smokey eye. Sure, there are probably dupes but you guys it has unicorn packaging, UNICORN PACKAGING! *breathes*. 

3. LUSH Cupcake Face Mask

They say chocolates causes spots, which sucks, but with this LUSH face mask you can seek all the comforts of the most loveliest chocolate bar without spots, hurrah! In fact, this face mask was created especially for teenagers with skin prone to oiliness and blemishes. It is packed full of spot bursting ingredients but linseed infusion and cocoa butter do a lovely job of nourishing the skin too. It literally smells like a huge slab of the yummiest chocolate and I use this on breakouts I have and it's fabulous. I have very sensitive skin and yet this surprisingly works magically for me. I would definitely suggest to try it in a LUSH store, but with 5 pots, you can get a mask for free!

4. LUSH Helping Hands Hand Cream

So I have horrible, horrible hands that are riddled with eczema and it makes me extremely self-conscious. I think I am going to do a blog post talking about eczema because it is something that so many people have, however for me the very best thing to do is watch your diet, but aside from that it is all about moisturising, moisturing, moisturing. The problem with eczema can be when the skin gets so dry it starts to bleed. Therefore, my hands to need a huge helping hand indeed and that's why I really adore this hand cream from LUSH. It was invented with nurses in mind, or those who have to wash their constantly. It contains linseed mucilage which helps with the cracking of the skin, and honey, which moisturises any cuts and abrasions. I slather this on constantly and it helps so much. I think eczema is a constant battle: if you spend every waking second watching what you eat, moisturise all the time and generally care for your skin around the clock it can become manageable but for me, life does get in the way rather, please tell me I am not alone?! Anyway, in a nutshell, let this help soothe your poorly hands. It's a great comfort.
5. MAC Cosmetics 'Naked' Pigment

For me autumn/winter make up is all about deep, dark lips from smouldering reds to fun plums and with that statement lip I prefer to play it safe with my eyes so I have used MAC's 'Naked' pigment so much this month because it is what it is: naked! It's a pretty slightly peachy, champagne nude that works for all and that doesn't overpower any make up look. I highly recommend this pigment if you're looking for just one to get from MAC. This sample pot however lasts me such a long time!
6. MAC Riri Loves MAC 'Her Cocoa' Eyeshadow Palette

So the beauty blogger went into a frenzy when the Rihanna and MAC eye shadow collection was launched and this palette 'Her Cocoa' because one of the pieces everyone was obsessing over, and I can see why! I was kindly gifted this for my birthday and since being in my make up collection, I seriously love it! This palette is seriously beautiful from the luxe rose gold packaging, (and magnetic!) to the notice-me-pink Riri hearts. And the colours too so suits-everybody-perfect from bronzey light gold, soft peach, a warm golden brown, and a light taupe brand. This is my new go-to travel palette.
7. International Magazines

So lately I have become fascinated with discovering where my Beauxoxo customers are from, and to my delight so many are wearing my hair accessories in far away lands such as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and more! I wanted to find out more about my audience in these countries and how I can make my products more accessible to this market as I know sometimes the time things take to reach international destinations, and the overall postage costs is a problem all sellers face. So, I found a magical area in Selfridges that house magazines from all over the world, and as a magazine obsessed girl it was a gem of a find! I picked up a lot of magazines from all over the world and the Australian magazines, such as SHOP are definitely my favourite. I then later on that day found a second shop called JP Books that sells magazines, books and more from Japan. I am so in love with Japanese fashion and style so this was just perfect for me and I spent many an hour flicking through all the amazing magazines. Granted, I can't read a word, but you know what they say; a picture says a thousand words, and for me, it is so fascinating to get an insight into the lives of my international friends.

8. Oasis Mollie King Floral Jacquard, Tapestry Dress

This is a bit of a random favourite but I got this beeeeautiful tapestry dress for my birthday and I just adore it so much, but then, you know I'm obsessed with tapestry. It's the heaviest dress I own but so beautifully made, full and the colours are perfect. It's selling out pretty fast, but here's a link to see if they have your size, it really is the loveliest dress!
9. Rude Health 'Almond Drink'

I adore almond milk I have it with porridge every morning and occassion love a little drink of it with some dark chocolate. I have tried many brands over the years but this Rude Health one is my new obsession. It's made with fully organic, natural ingredients and just tastes pure almondy goodness. A hug in a carton! I buy my Rude Health products from Waitrose but a stockist list can be found right here.

10. Josh Record 'Bones'

As always the last favourite is saved for a song or musician I adore and this month it is Josh Record, and in particular his beautiful single 'Bones'. I have been hearing this on the radio and about so much lately and it really is, to sum up in one word, mahestic. Truly majestic. The track Bones has a wonderful spiritual feeling to it, with Josh's soft voice ebbing towards to a symphonic climax with the most beautiful choir harmony I have heard for quite some time in the charts. You will absolutely fall in love with this song, it will absolutely be something you sit up and listen to from start to finish. 

What have you loved in November? Share your favourites with me below :).



  1. Love that dress its gorgeous! I need to get my hands on that Lime Crime lipstick.


  2. Babette is on my wish list even though it might be similar to some other shades, I need more unicorn packaging in my life!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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