REVIEW: Blog Inc. Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community by Joy Deangdeelert Cho

Blog Inc. Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community
Blog Inc
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According to BlogPulse there are about 95,000 blogs launched worldwide every 24 hours. If you really take that in for a second that's pretty a pretty overwhelming statistic right there. Therefore if you are, or dream, of being a blogging superstar the whole blog world can seem rather large and rather intimidating sometimes. Due to this meteoric rise in bloggers and all thing blogging, there are a plethora of online resources now (I myself love Independent Fashion Bloggers) which discusses everything from layouts to SEO, to getting that perfect fashion blogging ootd pose, and of course the always hotly debated issue of money and sponsorships.

With the above said it's fair to say that this whole blogging phenomenon can seem at times terribly overwhelming and I actually feel sometimes there's almost too much information online because it can sometimes just go way over my head! So, like me, wouldn't you just love to have something all condensed into one handy resource? Well, with huge thanks to Joy Cho from the award-winning Oh Joy!, the most beautiful blog, which provides everyday joy through the medium of design, fashion and food this is now possible. 

Blog Inc. is the very handbook that was truly made with every blogger in mind, from the very new to the already established. Joy takes you through the very basics of blogging, from registering a domain, blogger's etiquette, how to use Twitter and Facebook, to huge topics like monetizing your blog, sponsorships, turning your blog into a brand, design and finance. Due the the somewhat overwhelming content of blogging that I previously discussed Joy's easy to navigate and progressive chapters really help break everything down and so much so, that you could spend either a morning or year digesting the information stopping, reflecting, taking notes. On the other hand, with the more basic information aimed at new bloggers, you can get stuck in right now this minute. 

What I love most about Blog Inc. is that it is not only invaluable for bloggers but small businesses alike. For example, many issues such as life balance and time management will be found on the mind of many a small business owner, and this is all covered by Joy over the pages. Moreover, the interviews with some popular bloggers, from many different genres (another thing I love: all bloggers from food, to fashion, to art) share their stories about their blogging journey and these interviews are really inspiring to read and show that it is possible to become successful and even earn a living by simply following one's passions (I particularly loved the interview with Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere). 

I was expecting a book that wouldn't tell me anything I didn't know already, after all I have *gulp* been blogging for 5 years now, but you know what, I have always felt so naive to the bigger topics in the blogging world and my goodness what a lot I learnt! Whilst I definitely know the basics about setting about my blog and similar, Joy has given me a fresh perspective on some of the things I thought I already knew. Moreover, I have felt a bit lost blogging wise lately, feeling overwhelmed with so much I want to post and I know this is going to help me hopefully break my ideas down, whilst still running Beauxoxo harmoniously side by side. 

Knowing that Joy is a hugely successful blogger, her years of experience and successes only add to the credibility of each page and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her journey too. It is a very honest, helpful, and inspiring perspective on blogging and forming your very own blog journey. It's the best all in one resource for both aspiring bloggers and experience bloggers alike that I know of and overall I would highly recommend it to all.

Have you read Blog Inc, and if so, what did you think? Or however, do you know any other blogging books you prefer, or online guides? Let me know all your views below as always :).



  1. I have actually seen this book (in Urban Ouitfitters I believe) but I didn't pick it up as I was a bit cycnical as I thought maybe all the content would be available online in some form or another. But your review has made me re-evaluate my cynicism.

    1. I am so pleased to hear that Morag! I mean I think it definitely does have content you can find online but what I like is that it's altogether in one resource :) xoxo

  2. I've been wanting to get this book for a while, think I'll pick it up soon as it would be good to have a guide on some areas x

    1. Yay glad you're thinking of picking it up Emma :) xoxo

  3. i really want this book, you can buy it much cheaper on amazon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it :)

    becky x

    1. Aww you're welcome Becky! And yes it can be found on amazon cheaply :) xoxo

      PS: Ooooh I recognise you from Specktra Becky, am I going crazy?! Hope you're good!


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