My Favourite Halloween Make Up Looks

Want to know what my favourite Halloween make up looks are for this year? Join me after the cut pretties!

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lady gaga telephone make up
halloween make up
BLIND MAG Makeup Tutorial REPO! The Genetic Opera Halloween
broken doll make up halloween
chucky make up halloween
make up halloween
For many of you it's already Halloween but in the UK it is currently the eve before. I've said a few times on my blog now that I'm not a big Halloween fan because growing up my family just never celebrated it, so I just grew up not caring too, too much about it all. Having said that, I really, really love the visual and creative side of Halloween. Pumpkin carving, dressing up, the arts and crafts aspect and of course, the make up! Make up, make up; Halloween is THE very best time of year to create true art with your face and proves year upon year that make up IS art. 

There are so very many fabulous and insanely talented make up artists out there these days who create spectacular pieces of art and on a simple trawl through Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube you will be met with a plethora of  painted up faces oozing major skill and inspiration. I could reel off a whole load of make up artists I adore, and just normal girls and guys who are ridiculously talented with make up, but I wanted to draw your attention to one very talented girl indeed who quite frankly isn't raved about enough for my liking!

Let me introduce you to Jody, who you may also know as Monroe Misfit Make Up. I'm just putting it out there: Jody is my favourite make up artist of all time (she's also quite possibly one of the most beautiful girls you will ever see!). She is absolutely up there with another of my huge inspirations Pat Mcgrath in terms of sheer skill and a creativity that has no bounds. Jody isn't just a make up artist, she is an artist in every sense of the word, and I love that when I visit Jody's blog you literally never know what you will find and the wears make up in a way that totally transforms your way of thinking. 

Jody used to be huge in the Myspace and Livejournal make up communities, at least, that's where I found her, and then I was delighted when 5 years or so ago now (flippin eck!!) she started to post videos on Youtube. Jody was the ultimate breath of fresh air in the beauty community and when she had a hiatus I was so, so sad to not see her make up looks anymore. Thankfully, two years ago now Jody came back with her blog and it's so wonderful to see how as part of the blogging community and I hope she's hear to stay because the beauty community is just not the same at all without her insane talent. One in a million for sure and if I ever got to do a photo shoot with her for Beauxoxo I would be ecstatic!

Jody has so, so many Halloween make up looks that if you're sitting here right now not knowing what you're doing tomorrow then take a look at her Halloween gallery right here. With everything from pop art, Lady Gaga, Minnie Mouse to full on gore and epic special effects you'll find something that will have everyone asking you how you did it. 

If you love the above looks don't forget to follow Jody's blog on Bloglovin. By the way, this isn't a sponsored post by Jody, ha, I WISH I knew Jody personally but I don't I just adore her work and I hope some of you already know of her!

Who is your favourite make up artist, or Youtuber/blogger you love for make up and Halloween inspiration? Let me know below. I think I may do a few more rave posts about my favourite bloggers, what do you think? Have a fun Halloween everyone!



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