Jessica Nails Bear in Mind Polish and Testing The Blog Go App

So tonight I’m having a random post kind of day because I really, really wanted to test my Blog Go App. Let’s talk about Blog Go first. It’s basically an app created by the ever so wonderful Dana from The Wonder Forest. If you’re a blogger with a mobile that can use apps I couldn’t recommend Blog Go more. It enables you to draft, edit, create and publish posts straight from your mobile whilst on the go, and how good is that?! To read more about it click right here. By the way this post isn’t sponsored, and Dana has not asked me to blog about this at all, I simply have started to use it lately and it’s fantastic, basically!

Now, let’s talk nail polish, cute bear shaped nail polish! I actually did a NOTD for this polish back in 2009, 2009!! Crikey! It seems so long ago but at the same time only yesterday. It’s such a beautiful red that I adore and if you want to see a post I did way back when click here. This photo was taken straight from my phone so I’m unsure how well it will translate to my blog on a bigger screen, but I wanted to test my Blog Go App with a short post as I have a few in drafts I’m still working on.

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday and let me know if any of you use Blog Go, or if you love the bear polish too ;).


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