DIY: Lipstick Kiss Print Jeans

So I was browsing one of my favourite blogs of all time Love Maegan and fell in love with the Erin Fetherston lipstick white skinny jeans DIY. Now this DIY was achieved with lipstick and kissing the actual jeans and I LOVE this but if you want something that has a bit more longevity I think I may have found a solution. 

This look is so, so easy to achieve and most of all it's also fun! It is also very economical and your main cost will be the white skinnies (incidentally, mine were £9 from Primark-score! I never wear jeans, so this is just for you all!). Then I just grabbed some red and pink fabric paints, and a lip stamp to achieve the lipstick look. So ready to get yourself some loved up jeans? Let's go!

You will need: 

* Plain white skinny jeans. Mine are skinny jeggings from Primark.
* Red and Pink fabric paint or any colour of your choice.
* Lip stamp
* Paintbrush
* Kitchen towel
* Old magazine pages, scrap paper etc.
* Sink nearby to wash your brush and stamp.


 1. Firstly create a safe place to work as you don't want to get paint anywhere other than the stamp! So firstly lay down some scrap paper all across your work space in a size that fits the jeans and then place the jeans on top of this.
 2. Now it's time to get stamping! Take your stamp in one hand and with the other your paintbrush, and neatly paint the lip shape of your stamp with the fabric paint, but no where else. For best results, apply a nice even layer and don't make it too gloppy! I'm starting with red first, so make sure you pick one colour and stay with it until you're ready to change.
 3. Now the addictive part: stamping! Carefully place your stamp down anywhere on your jeans and release. I found one application of paint creates two stamp effects before I re-applied anymore paint. The second stamp looks lovely and feathered, whereas the first will look more full on, it's fun to have a mix, and it makes it look more realistic.
4. When you've stamped everywhere with one colour wash your stamp and paintbrush thoroughly. Next, dry both and paint the stamp with your next shade. I'm going for a hot pink now and again, I'm painting the lip shape and will then stamp between the red. 
5. Now, repeat the above steps loads of times until your skinnies are covered in lush lip prints! When you're done let them dry and then after a few hours turn them over the repeat the same for the reserve. Then, let them dry overnight and in the morning, I recommend ironing them to lock in the colour.
6. Now, you're all done! Style ala Erin Fetherston with a plain white shirt and heel combo or your comfiest knit. Perfecto for all seasons!
Ta-da! All done, see how easy this was? To really make this your own but why not try black or pastel shades? Or forgot the skinnies and rock this look on a plain tee or dress? The possibilities are endless!

I'd love to know your thoughts on this DIY, and if you try it you need to let me know please! Mwah! ♥ .



  1. These are amazing. Such a simple DIY - definitely going to try it!


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