Addicted to Gifs....

So this week it was my aim to update my Tumblr as I registered the Beauxoxo name ages ago so no-one else would pinch it but since then I'm afraid my beloved Pinterest has always stole my heart but I see so many of my favourite bloggers and brands on Tumblr and to be honest I felt it was about time I got into it! And now, after just a week of using this social media website I can absolutely see the obsession! Whilst I still much prefer pinning away on Pinterest (if you follow me you just know how obsessed I am with the prettyness!) but you know what rules about Tumblr? GIFS! Oh my word gifs are just too amazing, too addictive and too funny! I've included a few of my favourites, the first is currently so ME with my poorly laptop! haha. 

Now I'm a fully fledged Tumbler-er I want to follow more people so can you please link me your profiles below? If you fancy following my Tumblr journey go right here :).



  1. I am completely addicted to Tumblr! I can spend hours just scrolling away - I love yours already Georgie xx

    1. Awww thank you Nicola! I think I am following you too, what's your link? :) xoxo


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