Music Monday: Kodaline

You guys I haven't done a Music Monday post in forever and a day! I think truthfully I just forgot all about it! I have a way of doing this, I know. I’n the type of person where I have so many ideas but when it comes to blogging, and to be honest life, I sometimes just forget to actually get things all typed up, y'know? Anyway, I want to share the love for a band you will all probably know and love called Kodaline because I have their latest album on repeat in my car and in itunes and I just had to blog about them!

As I said I have no doubt so many of you will already know the wonderful Kodaline, the fab four from Dublin, Ireland who are taking the Indie rock wave by storm this 2013. It all started with childhood friends Stephen Garrigan and  Mark Prendergast who had an Irish number one hit with teenage indie-rock band 21 Demands in 2007. Leaving 21 Demands behind they then formed Kodaline in 2011, with drummer Vinny May and bassist Jason Boland. The debut ‘All I Want’ followed and with millions of Youtube hit to follow they were fully launched. If you love Coldplay, U2, Mumford & Sons and Radio Head I think you’ll really dig Kodaline and their latest single ‘Brand New Day’ has that uplifting easy-listening melody that I adore from indie rock bands. The sweet intro and xylophone really lifts your mood and really does evoke that whole brand new day. You’d want to have this song driving down the coast in an open top car, or at least I do, cars definitely seems a prevalent theme if the music video is anything to go by! It for sure inspires travel and adventure. It actually reminds me a lot of The Coral’s ‘In The Morning’ because it’s one of those feel good songs that cannot help but brighten your outlook instantaneously.

I think 2013 will provide even more sucess for Kodaline who have already gained quite a fan base with Fearne Cotton making ‘All I Want’ her Record of the Week in 2012, and Kodaline were long listed for the BBC Sound of 2013 poll and MTV’s Brand New for 2013.

I cannot wait to see what next happens for Kodaline. Their so refreshing in the industry at the moment from the twerking nonsense of Miley Cyrus and all *shudders*. In fact, Mark says what I feel art and music are all about: “Our music is honest and from the heart…if we don’t believe it ourselves nobody else is going to.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, to be honest!

Check out Kodaline’s music here.



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