Favourites: September 2013

It's October tomorrow, oh my goodness! Nevertheless today absolutely felt like a true autumnal day so I'm all prepped and ready to go!! haha. I feel so sad I failed massively on my blog in September I've kind of been a massive pain to myself this month in that I've had so much nagging low energy. October I WILL get back on track I need to own this month for sure. Meanwhile, however, here's what I loved during September. When you've finished reading, send me your links to a favourites post you've done or simply tell me what you're currently loving.
illamasqua furore pigment
1. Illamasqua Pure Pigment 'Furore'

I got this beeeeautiful pigment at the Clothes Show Live last year I think, or possibly 2011 when there was a huge, almost too good to be deal on Illamaqua products and I may have snapped this up for £5 instead of £16.50 I believe I can't remember exactly. Regardless, this is such a pretty champagne, beige pigment that I've been obsessing over this month. The only thing I would say is that it's not truly unique, and Barry M and similar will have dupes a plenty, but I still love it for the price I got it for. It's so pigmented and easy to wear day-to-day or dressed up.
seventeen doll'd up 3 way liquid eyeliner
2. Seventeen Doll'd Up 3-Way Liquid Eyeliner

Okay, okay so many, many a times I have professed on here that I don't like wearing too much black heavy liners or eyeshadows with my red hair. Mascara wise, the blacker the better, but in the past black eyeliner has always looked a bit icky on me. Well, recently I've been having a play with a few black eyeliners I have acquired over time realising I need to use them far more. I got the above Doll'd Up Seventeen eyeliner free with their Doll'd Up mascara (which I love, love, love!) and I've fallen in love with cat flicks! Oh yes, cat flicks have become my everyday look for September! I simply take a cotton pad to get a razor sharp edge and voila I adore it and this eyeliner is particularly good with a 3 nib brush which works surprisingly well and not gimmicky at all.
sleek new skin revive foundation shell
3. Sleek New Skin Revive Foundation

Okay another  beauty thing I'm back-tracking on: foundation! I never normally wear foundation either but I lost my concealer so I applied a bit of my Sleek foundation I was gifted at the Clothes Show and I flippin love it! It's silicone based so whether this would break some out I'm not sure but the colour is actually pretty decent on me I'm kind of shocked. This means I am willing to try more foundations and I'm going to spend this autumn writing a comprehensive pale skin foundation/concealer guide so stay tuned for that :).
topshop lip bullet rockabilly
4. Topshop Lip Bullet in 'Rockabilly'

Oh Topshop make up I love you so, SO much. One of my absolute favourite make up brands forever and always. I think the Topshop lip products are particularly stunning and this lip bullet in 'Rockabilly' is the perfect berry red which is so very autumn and winter. I adore rocking it with something like 'Furore' and the Doll'd Up eyeliner like the above. Perfect autumn make up= sorted!
barry m nail paint mulberry pink
5. Barry M 'Mulberry Pink' Nail Paint

My nails are so grotty from being a full time crafter so sometimes a nude colour is essential so it won't show up too many shameful chips. Well, this nail paint by Barry M called 'Mulberry Pink' is perfect for that. It's a browny nude pink so it's not too pastel-y and thus lovely for this time of year. I call it a tran-seasonal shade for sure! I don't even know if Barry M still make this? Nonetheless, here's a NOTD I did for this polish 3 years ago, 3 years ago!! Crikey!
iphone 5 c pink
6. iPhone 5C

Okay so ready to hear something really strange and old school? I have never, ever had a phone with the internet. Yes it is 2013, and yes I've been blogging and owning my own business for years but nope, once out of the house, net free! This has been fine for ages but now business is kind of mad I need to know what's happening and I need to have access to emails more than I do. In addition I should be at least somewhat clued up on technology because you know, I do run an online business (hard to imagine from this paragraph, haha), right? (yes!!). Anyway, I asked on Twitter, I asked friends and literally everyone said an iPhone and I thought at first maybe to get something different but then I saw this Moschino Teddy Bear case and thought, right, I need this in my life! To be honest though I am in love with the iPhone now I have it. I've used the iPad from my Mum for years and that's fantastic so I knew I'd like it. I feel so more connected with everyone so that's really nice. Still so strange to get used to though! (oh and yes I HAD to get it in pink!)
nylon magazine
7. Nylon Magazine

Whilst I've attempted to get more trendy with the above I will still not purchase magazines online, I need the real deal! I do have an unheatlhy addiction to magazines and my friends and family joke that I single handedly keep the magazine business going, haha. My little treat is always Nylon magazine. Oh Nylon, you really are the coolest magazine in history. At £4.75 from WHSmiths it's not something I can justify getting every month as it swings across the ocean from the USA but at the key season points I always grab a copy and I do love it so. For the rest of the year I go to the library and read it there so I still get my Nylon dose!
betsey johnson dress
8. Betsey Johnson Dream Dress

If you follow me on Instragram you'll know that I recently came across my dream Betsey Johnson dress on ebay and for £45 it is now mine and oh my, it's the dress of the ultimate fairy tale and I love it so very much. Granted, not for everyday wear but to own it and to plan when I'll wear it is exciting! This echoes my constant message that you must always, always keep an Ebay search for items you missed out on but really love. It totally pays off :).

9. Haim 'The Wire'

You all know how completely obsessed with the gorgeous Haim I am, so a Haim album release? *faints*. Too, too wonderful! I have been waiting for this album forever and more. In the meantime, I have been loving this little version of their latest single 'The Wire', I think I prefer it to the studio version it's so raw, just so flippin good. I want to be the fourth Haim sister. To be honest, who doesn't? Go and download Haim's album 'Days Are Gone' right now I tell thee!



  1. £45 for the dress?! What a find!

  2. Ahh I'm super jealous of your iPhone, I love the pink! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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