DIY: Star Nail Polish Ring

So today I want to start one of many autumn/wintery DIYs and I thought this little star ring would be a fun way to start! I was also inspired by the amazing Ellie Goulding and her infamous song 'Starry Eyed' so enjoy the video above as you craft for a multi-sensory DIY! haha.

You will need:

* Clear ring gem
* Ring mount
* A glittery polish (I used Topshop's 'Rising Star')
* Another nail polish of your choice (I used Nubar's 'Navy Blue')
* A lolly stick or similar and possibly super glue (both optional)

1. Lay your clear ring gem flat side up and start to paint a thin layer of your glitter or textured nail polish. Put this aside for a moment when this has been done to allow it to dry.
2. Once the first coat is dry then add two more coats or as many as you like. For my nail polish which had pretty silver stars I used 3 coats because I wanted to make sure I had an even spread of the star sequins. When you have finished all of your coats allow it to dry again. This time you'll want to make sure it's very dry before you move on (we don't want those stars going anywhere!).
3. With your other nail polish of choice paint a thin even layer and again let it sit to dry. Once dry, add another coat.
4. Paint your final coat on making it quite fluid.
5. Whilst the final coat is still wet turn your gem over and place it inside your ring mount. Take your time with this step to not smudge the wet polish! You may want your stick handy to place it in position neatly but this is optional.
6. When the gem is in place press down and hold for about 20-30 seconds. When you release your finger you'll find it magically sets! If you want extra security feel free to add a teeny bit of glue but you'll find it holds it in place just fine!

So there you go a DIY that is so quick, so easy and yet I hope you will agree very dramatic! You can really make this DIY your own. Play about with different glitter polishes/textures and also play about with different shades of nail polish. You could also put a little photo behind the gem, the options are limitless. 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and if you have any specific autumn/wintery things you want to see let me know :)



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