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One of my favourite ever things about being a crafter is having the pleasure to know lots of other lovely crafty ladies. One said lovely craft lady is sweet Sarah from Bits and Bows and she recently started this little crafty swap idea with other small businesses and it's such a nice thing to do. I met Sarah when I was at the Clothes Show Live last year and she's the loveliest girl you could hope to meet and it was so lovely to share that experience with her and I know she understands without a doubt the highs and lows of being a single handed lady business!

When you own a handmade business honestly the kindest most wonderful thing is when you see people talking about your products or what you do because so often you're crafting away in your 'zone' and it's just amazing to see the end results. Did any of this make sense? ha. Anyway what 'm trying to say is that due to the latter, this is why a craft swap is such a fabulous idea.

So Sarah and I agreed on a £20 limit and I sent her some goodies from my shop Beauxoxo and she then sent me some pretties from her store. I already have the pleasure of owning some Bits and Bows goodies as I purchased her infamous Love Hearts bracelet (and LOVE it!) at the Clothes Show so Sarah totally read my mind with this glorious goody filled box full of the sweetest of sweet accessories including a marshmallow flump ringmarshmallow flump bracelet and a little cake ring and bracelet. I adore both sets so very much and how me is this guys? I adore sweet jewellery and I cannot wait to style it up with pastel sweet clothing like my Sugarhill Boutique milkshake dress. I mean I know it's Autumn but we've kind of got an Indian summer going on where I live, lovely and warm in the sun today and people are still clinging on to their flip flops and sleeveless dresses so you I'll blend right in!

Have any of you heard of Bits and Bows and if not, what's your new favourite piece? Please check out Sarah's links and spread the Bits and Bows love! Thank you so, so much again Sarah for the sweetest box of goodies you could have possibly given me ♥.

Where to find Bits and Bows:

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  1. Such a lovely post!
    So glad you love your goodies :-)

    1. You're so welcome my lovely but oh really thank YOU :D xoxo

  2. Everything looks amazing, I thought those marshmallows were real for a second!



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