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 So about two years ago, in 2011 (good.grief!) I made a post about what I keep in my bath/shower and it made me think it would be fun to re-visit the post but to make it more about what I keep in my bathroom rather than just my bath and shower area.

Let’s start with the bath stuff as I’m not a shower girl really, I adore my baths! Therefore I have a little problem re pretty bath products and as an ex-Lushie, knowing many people that still are Lushies, and living in the area LUSH was created means that I do have a lot of inherited LUSH products so please bear in mind I don’t have that much of a LUSH problem, I’m just a lucky girl! I just wanted to add a little disclaimer there, haha.

So the first photo is of my beloved LUSH bath tubs which I gained quite a lot of questions about last time but sadly I don’t think you can get this exact design, boo! Mine go back to LUSH circa 2000 era so we’re talking a long, long time ago! When I was last in the USA, 2007 time, I found the designs I have however LUSH do stock some black ballistic holders right here.

On my window sill I keep a little bowl or sometimes a cupcake holder with LUSH bubble bar slices on. I knooow you shouldn’t really keep them by the window but my window doesn’t gain too much light so it’s all okay and I like that they keep nicely there and act as a wonderful room freshener. I always have a little bowl beside the big bowl for bubble bar slices I am currently using. You’ll notice quite a few oldies in there but they’re all good!! Then around my bath I have my Happy Hair Days shampoo and conditioner, a LUSH ‘Raining Men’ shower gel, LUSH body butter, LUSH H’suan Wen Hua, LUSH shower jelly, LUSH Coco Lotion and a Queen Of razor and shaving gel. Strangely enough, many of those products are ones that I have re-purchased since 2011 which is kind of good in a way and shows I like them a lot.

Underneath that I have a loooot of flannels, I have come to realise I am obviously a bit well stocked in this department! I have a pink flannel for cleansing in the morning and a green one for night time cleansing. I then have a Sleeping Beauty Disney flannel mitt from Primark for literally no specific purpose other than it being Disney, and err, Disney? You’ve all seen these flannels in Primark though, right? The ones strategically placed by the tills for those last minute impulse purchases. Despite working in retail for as long as I can remember I of course got sucked in! I do use it in the shower etc and it holds my plastic large tooth comb. The heart towel set I have is also from Primark and again I really do like their home range far, far more than the fashion.

Onto the sink area and I have my cleansers here, toothpaste (Oral-B 3D White Brilliance toothpaste) and toothbrush (Wisdom Individual). My two cleansers that I use are LUSH’s ‘9 to 5’ for the morning and at night to remove the main part of my make up and then at night I use the Balance Me cleansing balm. This stuff is pure magic, magic I tell thee! I really love LUSH’s 9 to 5 too (review here) and regularly use it in the morning with the Soap & Glory facial mitt that you can see a peek off behind it (review here). Last but not least my soap for the sink area is Carex’s Strawberry Laces. It smells divine but it’s not great for my sensitive skin so I may not be able to use it long term, but oh my, it smells so, so good!

And finally, the medicine cabinet which is of course all rather mundane and boring so I just showed you a little peek inside and of course I am a big child so you can see the presence of Disney plasters because normal beige clinical plasters just aint for me! But to finish the post I’ll leave that to the top of the cabinet where I keep my extras and I am so ashamed to show you all how much shower gel I have stashed but again refereing to he above disclaimer I am fortunate to own a lot of LUSH in general! I have a mixture of Snow Fairy, The Olive Branch, Raining Men and Poncho. I also have two bottles of back up Happy Hair Days conditioner because I had a crazy moment when I couldn’t find any and panic buyed…the worse! haha.

So that’s pretty much my bathroom and now I want to see yours. Please link me to a post you may have done, or if you decide to do one please link me so I can see!



  1. Balance me has great products! The balm looks great, have to try it out (:

    1. Hi Marisa! They do indeed, they're a fantastic brand :) xoxo


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