DIY: Pop Art Jumper

diy pop art jumper
So I absolutely ADORE Pop Art so I just had to create a Pop Art inspired DIY for you all. When I spied this black jumper in my local charity shop I thought how fun it could look with a huge statement slogan on the front. I'm spying jumpers and clothing like this everywhere right now where pieces are either adorned with words, catchphrases or just striking prints. Well, here's just a little very simple Pop Art inspired 'OMG' slogan that involves hardly any materials so it's veeeery cheap to achieve and really makes a statement. You'll be getting tons of OMG, did you make that yourself comments? I assure you ;). 

You will need: 

diy pop art
* Plain jumper
* White and black felt
* Paper scissors
* Fabric scissors
* Pins
* Fabric glue
* Speech bubble template (or draw your own)
* Fabric pen

OMG let's get crafty!

diy fashion
diy jumper
1. Firstly you need to either draw or cut around a speech bubble template. I just found one from trusty old Google images!
2. Now you need to place the cut out template onto the white felt, pin it on, and cut around it. If you're drawing the speech bubble instead grab your fabric pen and cut around your own markings.
3. Place a decent amount of fabric glue to the back of the cut out speech bubble, wait 5 minutes and then place down on the jumper where you want it to be. A little tip with white is to layer so I am repeating steps 1 and 2 again and adding two speech bubbles for more impact and because sometimes the glue can show through on white.
4. I would recommend leaving the speech bubble(s) to dry on the jumper for a few hours and whilst doing so, write out your text on the black felt and cut it out. I'm going with OMG!
5. Now start to place the letters onto the white speech bubble and play around with placement before you glue it down.
6. When you're happy, go ahead and glue the letters bit by bit onto the speech bubble and OMG you've just got yourself a A/W trophy pop art jumper!

I really hope you loved the DIY and have fun maybe trying it out with your own take on it playing about with different phrases different colours etc :).



  1. I absolutely adore this! Think I'd be too scared to try it out though haha.

    Natalie xx

    1. Awww no go for it Natalie! Find a very cheap jumper to practise on if you're unsure :) xoxo


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