DIY: Marc Jacobs SS13 Graphic Striped T-Shirt

marc jacobs striped tshirt diy
The spirit of the swinging 1960s featured heavily on the Spring/Summer 2013 runways, with a slew of designers revisiting straight shapes and bold patterns. I keep noticing a graphic striped Marc Jacob's white t-shirt in a few magazines already and every time I do, I keep thinking to myself that it has DIY written all over it! So release your inner mod sixties and Twiggy girl with this incredibly simple but stylish DIY!

You will need:
marc jacobs diy

* Plain white t-shirt (the baggier the better for this look)
* Black fabric paint
* A paint brush brush
* Scotch tape/ masking tape
* Cardboard
* Nice to haves are maybe a ruler and scissors (for precision of cutting the tape if you don't like ripping it!).

How to make it!

diy t shirtcatwalk diy
1. Prepare your t-shirt for this DIY by laying it very flat on an even surface and secure it with some tape. Once you've taped your shirt down place some cardboard (or similar) underneath the t-shirt so that the paint won't show seap through and get on you!
2. Next, take your tape and work out how you want your stripes to be. This is a mod graphic look so we're going for quite a precise look here: think like a bar code! The Marc Jacob's design had 6 stripes so I will do the same, and for reference I have made the stripes roughly 2.5cm wide but all t-shirts will vary.
3. Now comes the fun part: painting away! Take your black fabric paint with a nice flat defined brush and paint a nice layer of paint inside each stripe. Don't worry about perfection at this stage, it's going to temporarily look like a Gustav Klimt painting, but you'll soon see why you needed the tape!
4. When all the stripes have been completed let it dry for a few hours, although preferably overnight. Before this stage scan each stripe to make sure they all look as black as one another. 
5. This is the best part! Very carefully peel the tape away from the t-shirt and you will be left with lovely straight lines that took you seconds to achieve!
6. And now, you're all done! Pair it with black briefs ala Marc Jacobs or err, urge on the more cautious side with simply black skinny jeans or a black faux leather skirt, with a bit of a Bardot esque beehive, barely there lipstick and in my case a playful Twiggy hair bow too from my shop Beauxoxo!

I really hope you enjoyed the DIY and have fun maybe trying it out :).



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