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diy lace sockslace socks
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I just adore the sweetness and femininity of lace and crochet socks. As a child they were pretty much apart of my daily outfit so it's so funny to see how in style they are today! At our school we had special uniform socks and then later throughout all my school life I wore my own blended into whatever uniform we had so it's fair to say I'm a huge fan. Now, before I show you all the DIY I will just be honest and add that whilst adorable and the fact you can customise them however you should do wish this DIY isn't necessarily cost-effective, and so if the idea of bringing out your sewing kit isn't for you I do recommend Topshop's range. Creating your own, however, is so much fun and so EASY too and you can create endless trim designs and colour combinations. So, chat aside, let's get crafting! :)

You will need:
diy socks
* Socks
* Lace or crochet trim (or any trim you like!)
* Jar/shoe or something you can stretch your sock onto that it close to your ankle measurement.
* Measuring tape
* Scissors
* Needle and thread
* Pins

Let's get crafty!
diy fashion

handmade lace socks
1. Firstly, place your sock onto either your jar or the shoe that is close enough to your ankle measurement. You can of course place it on your ankle directly and sew but this isn't advised as you don't want to prick yourself!
2. Place a bit of the trim to one side of the sock and pin in place to hold it there.
3. Now pin all the way around the sock and cut a bit extra with the scissors when you reach the first piece you pinned down.
4. Thread your needle with some thread in a shade close to your trim and poke the needle through the back of sock, through the trim at the front and back in again. Repeat this step all the way along and secure at the end.
5. Once you have sewn all the way around you will notice the flap of extra lace so neatly sew along to make it all look neat and tidy.
6. You're all done! Slip the shoes away from the sock and you're ready to cosy up indoors or show them off outside peeking out of your favourite boots or heels.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and let me know anything else you want to see :). How do you wear lace socks?



  1. Oh my gosh! Why have I never thought of this! They look adorable! :)
    Catherine x | Brighton Girl

    1. Aww thank you Catherine! I hope you try it out one day :) xoxo


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