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So as some of you know I had a dream-come-true moment earlier this month when Company Magazine posted some of my DIYs in their latest Ibiza issue. Because my sheer excitement will take over the post please see this post here to read all about that. In a nutshell, this was one of the DIYs featured and whilst the steps are included I thought the photos may be of use in case anyone wanted to re-create it and wanted a close up view. This is such a fun, easy and yet oh-so high fashion looking. I created this for those heading to a festival or day trip somewhere that wanted to carry just the essentials in a bag that could take you from day to night. That's why I picked a black bag and fringing with some silver metallic balls for a really fun finish. The bag was a mere snip from the Primark sale bucket and the trim was a metre or so from your local haberdashery shop. That's it! So simple, so easy, let's get crafting :).

You will need: 
company magazine 
* Little black bag (or any bag to be honest!)
* Sellotape
* Fringing (amount will differ for the size of bag you use so take it with you when you buy the fringing)
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Fabric marker/pen(s)
* Clear nail polish
* Glue gun

Let's get festival ready!

festival diycompany magazine diy

1. First of all take your bag (leave the stuffing in) and mark out where you want the fringing to go. It's much better to plan before you cut your fringing up and then realise the bits won't fit! To do this, I'm taking a fabric marker pen and I'm placing a blob where I want the trim to start. 
2. Measure a piece of fringing that you want to start from the blob you just marked to the other side and cut out. You may want to lay the fringing on the bag to do this. Every time you cut from the fringing coat the ends slightly in clear nail polish to stop it fraying.
3. Now time to glue your trim in place! The easiest way to apply it is with a bit of glue on the blob you originally made and then very carefully bit by bit  glue the trim in place. Doing so bit by bit means you won't rush and you don't want to place it on wonky!
4. When you have glued your first strip of trim to the bag allow it to dry for a few minutes. Then, flip the trim up and over and glue the underneath to really secure it in place. You don't want any gaps. Let this dry for a few minutes too before moving on.
5. Time to repeat steps 1-3 until you have finished the bag to your desired effect! Because I want a rich texture to my bag I'm adding about 5 layers of trim and to make it even, I'm mapping out where I want the trim with some tape so that if I need to move anything around I can. When you're happy with your placement repeat steps 1-4. 
6. Allow everything to dry fully and then you're ready to fill it with all your Ibiza essentials! To give it a really polished effect I went over an unsightly bits of glue with a fabric marker pen in black to match the bag. It just makes it really professional but isn't necessary!


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  1. I absolutely love this! I may consider giving it a shot lol.

    Natalie xx


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