DIY: Customised Festival Wellies

So summer always brings with it a plethora of wonderful festivals across the country from mini folk-festival affairs to the biggies like Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, V and the like. Well one thing, unfortunately, summer cannot guarantee is the nice outdoor weather to go with it. We have, however, been incredibly blessed to have been graced by that beeeeautiful spot of pure sunshine goodness a few weeks ago but today could have well have been Autumn so who honestly knows! 

It's no surprise then, that wellies have become a staple part of any well prepared festival go-er. Now, the fashion world and since have seen sense and for a few years now they have really made wellies a fashion piece rather than something you'd only spot on an Alan Titchmarsh show (for the record he's a legend but I wouldn't chat fashion statement wellies! haha). In fact, whilst at College I found it quite funny how girls would parade in patterned styles just as regular footwear. Did this happen at other schools and colleges, or was it just mine?! 

Anyway you can of course get yourself a pair of wellies with everything from bird to bows to polka dots on but what about wellies lying around unloved in your garden shed? Well, today's DIY is hopefully going to show you how you can make a bog standard pair of wellies something really individual to you, and they won't go missing at a festival, that's for sure!

You will need:
* An old pair of wellies (don't actually have to be old-old, just a pair that you want to customise)
* Flower heads
* Scissors
* Ribbon
* Marker Pen
* Glue

How to make it!
1. First of all we're going to add a little ribbon detail at the very back of each wellie. Because a ribbon just glued on may fall off when you hit the festival we're going to insert it through the wellies. To do this, mark two small slits across the back of the wellies with your marker pen.  
2. With some scissors, cut along each slit so that you're cutting into the wellies. Be careful here because the material can be tough.
3. You should end up with the third photo which is the two slits. If you need to open it up a bit more to get the ribbon through, just poke the scissors carefully through to open it up.
4. Through the hole you've now created you can easily feed the ribbon through to created a sweet bow on the back which won't fall off no matter how rough the conditions get! If you would like to, perhaps add some clear polish to the end of the ribbon ends. It's a trick I use all the time as it prevents fraying, and once a fabric frays, there's no stopping it (trust me, I know, ha).
5. So let's get decorative! I'm using some sunflower and daisy flowers and alternating the design all the way around until the back. Perhaps you want to play about with pom pom trims, chain, other flowers, go with your imagination! If you're using flowers, to prep your flowers turn them over and cut away and remove the backings so you have just the fabric part of the flower. This is because the green backs tend to be plastic and it won't adhere to the plastic wellies. 
6. Now with each flower, simply glue the back and adhere to where you want them on the wellies. Then, hold in place until they are dry. When you're done, it's time to brace the mud and get festival ready!

I really hope you enjoyed this little DIY guys! I was going to make a video but with my broken laptop it's a bit diffiicult so I'm wondering how you would feel with just picture DIYs for a while, do you prefer videos or photo DIYs? And which festivals have you all been to? 



  1. These look amazing Georgie! I'd love to add some gingham bows to the back-calf of my Hunters. Such a great idea. xx

    1. Awwww thanks so much lovely one! Please take a photo if you do that I'd love to see :)<3 xoxo


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