Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 and Hi!

Happy Friday, all! So just a super quick post because whilst I have been semi active on my blog this week I actually haven't been around at all and have relied solely on scheduled posts as I have not been a well creature this week so I feel a little swamped and bleary eyed. I long to get stuck back into things, so thank you hugely for your well wishes which make me smile and keep me going. You actually have no idea how much the latter means to me in fact.

I am also typing this post on my iPad whilst crafting because I wanted to test Dana from Wonderforest's BlogGo App and I must say I love it! For super quick update posts like this it's perfect and it's definitely one to download for blogger's on the go. Just to note that whilst I love Dana and her work this is not a sponsored post, haha. I just genuinely love it!

I wish I had more exciting news but sadly not! the Cosmo Awards voting however does end tonight and I honestly cannot believe I have been nominated still. How.did.this.happen?! I feel just so lucky to be noticed by Cosmo full stop. If you could spare a vote for 'Dreams That Glitter' on page 7 under 'craft' it would mean so, so much to me! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. The photo by the way is a preview to a new Beauxoxo look book and when I am all sorted and up to date I cannot wait to release it to you all! 

Once again, than, you endlessly for your support. Much <3.


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  1. I voted for you! Love your blog, super cute and quirky. Stumbled across it through the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and glad I did.

    I'm new to the blogging game so would love for you to come check me out if you had some time

    Charlotte xox


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